Tuesday NBA


My man, Scottie Scheffler!
Alright... bigger card today.. few games stood out to me.

Mini Version of Card:
Minny -2.5 1Q 2 Units Winner
Hornets -7.5 2 Units Winner
Hornets -2 1Q 2 Units Loser
GS/TOR O210.5 2 Units Loser
Bucks +1.5 3 Units Winner

Hornets -7.5 vs. Bobcats 2 Units

I know West is out... but remember... Paul OWNS Felton and dominated CHA both games last season. They easily won both games by double digits. Charlotte is a mess right now. They have nobody who can shoot with any range and I believe Morrison has not adjusted to the NBA schedule and his legs are already tiring... West may be out... but Paul should be able to get the other bigs like Chandler, Simmons some opportunities. This team desperately needs a win and I think they will rally tonight. Teams IMO always play well to fight the .500 number. Whether it be to get to it or to avoid falling to it as the Hornets are 4-3 right now. Peja should bounce back strong....

As for the Bobcats... they played the dismall Grizzlies tough for 3 quarters and blew a game against the Celts on the road.. other than that everything's been pathetic... this team isn't sneaking into the playoffs any time soon. Vince Carter please come home and save this franchise because they're hurting right now.

Raptors & Warriors OVR 210.5 2 Units

Both these teams WANT to run and have no committment about playing any defense in doing so... Baron should be able to get to the hole at will and Bosh should have a monster night... you will see lineups of Murphy vs. Bosh at Center.. with 4 guards/swingmen around them.. I like the Warriors here... again I believe the Raptors are really, really bad ... but will play the total. I like something to the tune of GSW 116-104.

Bucks +1.5 2 Units

Agree with Duy here.. Hawks a bit overrated right now. Bucks almost beat Wash on the road... Hawks aren't in Wash's league just yet. No answers on defense for Redd.. and the lack of a true PG will catch up to this team sooner or later. Plus J Smith has been shooting lights out... I can't bank on that happening all season... (I own him in fantasy too... but still c'mon)

Bucks need this win... line going down with Hawks looking like the obvious play.
On the over with ya, so far.... Gonna let the rest of them sink in till morning...

Minny -2.5 1Q 2 Units

Revenge game for Minny and the 2nd home game after a road trip... see Bet Crimes thread. Portland has been getting off to slow starts... including a horrible one last time vs. Minny before fighting back.. They have depth which allows them to come back into games... but I think the Wolves are desperate for a win and were embarassed vs. ORL.. probably just extremely tired. Like the bounce back here early vs. a Portland team they may cover 8, but shouldn't hang within a basket early.
Thanks guys.... seems like the Bucks are a popular play amongst some good cappers... Duy, Killa...so that being said...


Bucks +1.5 1 Unit
(For now a combined 3 Unit Play)
Hornets usually solid out the gates... and should come out sharp here... 2's a good value here. The building should be rocking ... see value in it.


Hornets -2 1Q 2 Units
3-2 up 2.8 Units...

Fucking Raptors Offense is still off a bit at times... they scored in the teens in the 4th and shot the over... shoulda just played GSW @ home... but Raps had wide open looks all night.. hit them only in the 2nd quarter.. the overs will come for this team.. just maybe not yet.