West Coast

Pretty much a regular
:36_7_2: Season: 1-1 posted (+1.00 unit)

Milwaukee (2-5) at Atlanta (4-2)
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Atlanta is off to a great start and Milwaukee is not. No brainer, take Atlanta. Atlanta comes off the high horse tonight. Bucks have taken 5 out of 6 from these guys. Actually the reason for this pick is it's hard to believe the Hawks are 4-2.
Bucks ML (+106) (1 UNIT)

San Antonio (5-1) at Houston (5-2)
Spurs are getting points? Well, one point. I'll take it. Spurs got Rockets number lately, taking 6 in a row. That streak continues. They're 3-0 on the road this year.
Spurs +1 (2 UNITS)

L.A. Clippers (5-1) at Utah (6-1)
Really like the way the Clippers have gotten out of the gate, however Utah is even hotter. Only giving up 1.5 at home is a gift. Home team has won 7 in a row in this series.
Jazz -1.5 (4 UNITS)

Toronto (2-4) at Golden State (4-3)
Well I'm a Bay Area native and I've seen all 7 Warriors games. They're game against the Pistons on Saturday was damn near flawless, winning by 32. Nellie has had 7 different starting line-ups and I think he found one that works. Maybe it was the fact that Dunleavy didn't see the floor until late in the 2nd quarter. (Not a Dunleavy guy, like most people who follow the Warriors) Warriors shot 56% and dished out 33 assists. Unbelievable against a squad like Detroit. They mixed up their defense, throwing in a zone and Detroit had no answer. No let down vs the Raptors. This momentum carries over into tonight's game. Warriors need to take advantage of playing long home stretch.
Warriors -6.5 (4 UNITS)
Good luck tonight West Coast. Picks look solid!

(former San Jose guy)
Bucks ML (+106) ..... :18_1_204:
Spurs +1 (2 UNITS) ..... :18_1_204:
Jazz -1.5 (4 UNITS)..... :18_1_204:
Warriors -6.5 (4 UNITS)..... :18_1_204:

4-0 TONIGHT (dang I needed some big 4th Q's tonight)

on to tomorrow...