Tuesday NBA Grind


Awesomeitus Degenerate
YTD: 33-41-1 -7.90 units

Much like an NBA game, this season has been one of runs for me. Started off +6 units, went to -11, back to only -3, and now sitting at -7.90. Quite similar to last season, where I ended up +18 units.

HAWKS +5.5, -106

I made Seattle -3.5. Seattle typically plays better at home, but this year something has been missing. What seperates good teams from the mediocre is the ability to win on the road. The Hawks are no better than a middle of the road team, BUT have managed to go 3-4 SU on the road. Moreover, they are playing with confidence and the belief that they can win games on the road.

Heat/Clippers UNDER 190.5, -107

My total on this one was 187. The main reason for this play is the style and pace of the game. The Clips can get into a bit of an uptempo style BUT, it is typically dictated by the opponent. The Heat aren't constructed that way, and outside of D.Wade don't have the guns. I see this thing turning into a grind fest. Call it 96-90.

Looking at the NETS as a fade play, and still mulling over the Phx/Sacto game.

Good Luck!
Thanks Eames....we got a 4/5 in Sacto tonight....any thoughts? Seems like a bad spot for SAC, but I think the oddsmakers have been shading these games a bit.
i Agree About The Fat line -- Yet Another case of NUMBER v SPOT.

i did Throw some change At phoenix (8.5) (110).

At The same Time: i would need The line To be AT LEAST Two points kinder in order To Throw serious money At The suns...