Tuesday Frozen Fades



Tuesday Frozen Fades update: final bets

4-0 last night, plus a 4-team parlay for +15 units :D


I like to take a glance at the next day a lot of nights, get some first impressions, and have something to think about the next day...seems to work well for me some times.

12 games tuesday, should be able to find at least four solid bets...

First up...Buffalo @ New Jersey - Buffalo has not palyed well in the past against new jersey, they are 1-7 in their last 8 meetings, but the Sabres are a great team this year, and the line is begging to be bet. (-110) is amazing for the sabres against anyone, so this is a definite bet for me. Highest scoring team in the league vs. team that cant score. I take the Sabres (in fact i am betting this one now before the line jumps)

I just got very tired so I will just do a few brief ones...

Columbus @ Dallas. I may take Columbus in this one...their alst three games have been their best of this season, and probably better than any from last season too. The line of (+190) is quite nice. I think Dallas is likely to win, but for the price I will definitely consider this bet

Edmonton @ Nashville. Under 5 1/2 seems very easy...Roloson vs. Mason is the probable goalie matchup, which helps the under immensely. It seems liek every good palyer for Nashville is injured, and a few great offensive players from Edmonton also (Hemsky and Smyth). This seems easy...im betting this one now along with Buffalo from earlier.

Thats it for me......lets win the moneys!

Posted Bets:
Buffalo (-110) 7.5 Units
Edmonton/Nash Under 5.5 (-102) 7.5 Units

Betting big on those two...taking both would be quite nice
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Sullivan and Legwand likely and Arnott will decide on if he plays tonight for the Preds. GL
tuck321 said:
Sullivan and Legwand likely and Arnott will decide on if he plays tonight for the Preds. GL

didnt know that one, thanks tuck
Final Bets
Buffalo (-110) 7.5 units
Nash/Edmonton UNDER 5.5 (-102) 7.5 units
2 Team Parlay... 3 units
Montreal (-159)
Vancouver (-164)
i dont like the juice on those so i am parlaying them. i feel pretty good about both because Montreal is jsut a much better team then boston right now and they are at home, and Phoenix is coming off of a very hard game in san jose last night, flying to Vancouver for another tough physical matchup...i dont see them getting too into the game.
Lets win the moneys! :cheers:
not really sure about that game...i thought about maybe florida jsut because they are a home team with a high payout, but didn't feel like betting against the Ducks was a good idea. As for the over under, it could go either way easily...im stayin away from that one.
holy christ you're on fire... i didnt get to see your final play (the parlay) but was on buffalo and nash under
Was on Nash under 5.5 too, loving the fact it came in despite 4 goals in the first 5 mins of the second quarter! Congrats on a great night so far.
BACKED YOU ON THAT UNDER AS WELL...... and VAN.. parlayed the two .. almost played ur lean with COLUMBUS and that woulda hit as well fuckin A man keep it up:bow: :smiley_acbe:
thanks...thats 6 straight bets in a row plus a 4 team and 2 team parlay haha. 12-0 in the last two nights, im havin fun lol. probably means i will get :spank: for the next week. but as of right now i am up 35 units in two days lol since i played buffalo and the nashville under for so much. i also bet on golden state tonight in NBA, third nba bet ever, jsut for the hell of it because it was the last thing going off tonight. put 3 units on it, won 3 from that bet haha
Nice run Cass! I love hitting those parlays. I don't play them often, but when they hit, you feel great all day, am I not right about this bro?