Tue. NBA Ballin


My man, Michael Jordan!
28-14 +21.7 Units [5-0 Tonight:cheers:, Up 8 Units]

3-4 last night down about 1/2 unit...tough night for alot of us... lucked out with SAC being money 1Q and Game.

Now on to tonight...

Rockets -2.5 @ Grizzlies 2 Units **W**

Seems to be a popular play and I'm on it as well. Hopefully this line flies upwards because it's been solid at 2.5 since it came out and that's not a good sign. Memphis and Fratello have owned the Rocks and Gundy.. but that was with Battier and Gasol... you would think the Rockets don't want to come out and be 1-3... so this game means alot to them. Mcgrady has been struggling.. and Yao's foul trouble cost them dearly in NO. I'll tail Duy and renew on this play.. just seems like the better team here who needs to pull out a big win. History is all pointing to Grizz to cover but these are completely different teams. Love the Rockets bench as well... Head is comming on and the addition of Wells... Also, remember the Rocks are great ATS on the road... I think after going 0-2 ATS on the road it's time for a bounceback.

NOK -6.5 vs. G.S. TBD

Waiting on this line/play. 4th in 5 fade.

LAL -6.5 vs. Minny TBD

Same fade... saw Garnett hurt his quad... didn't look seriouos but still.. he was down for a minute or two and sat out a bit before returning.. got to be cautious about overplaying him upwards of 150 minutes in 5 days. Expect a good defensive effort out of LAL.

Waiting on those lines above cost me. Now both are at 7.5 and that's steep. May make a play on NOK big 1st Quarter if I can see a fair #... they should come out solid vs. a tired GS squad.


LAL/Minny UND 198.5 2 UNITS **W**

The Lakers will push in the open court when availible... but it won't be so much vs. Minny who is very tired. See Killa's thread... good line here even at 198.5. Watched Minny last night... never get out on the fast break.. and the in and out offense with Garnett kills a lot of clock.. but also allows them to get back on defense.

NOK/GS UNDER 197.5 1 UNIT **W**

This is a very strong play found by tuck.. I like it alot and if you look at the history here... the game should really slow up. If Korver doesn't go nuts.. a slow pace should make this one a strong one.

Hopefully Indiana has a nice lead and walks the ball up the court at a snails pace so both of these hit. Public loves Philly but this isn't enough chalk for a home team which IMO is slightly better than PHI.
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I would lean on Cleveland. Atlanta has looked impressive, and this line really begs you to take them. Saying that... it's still tough to lay almost 10 points this early in the season. I do think though that Cleveland has them dominated inside and obviously the Hawks have defensive issues... they don't bring the same energy to the game on the road either. It all depends on how Clev will approach this... if they think the Hawks can beat them they may lay it on for 48... if they know they're going to win you might see them coast. No play for me there.

I would lean UNDER though.. seems like Hawks offense on the road is never on par with their home efforts.. and Cleveland doesn't go for more than 100 often.
Hmmm... was hoping for 2... Hornets offense isn't exactly explosive.. and GS has looked alright recently.. never want to lose a bet on a funny # like 2.5.

I'll think about it.. Hornets have looked good 1Q of each game so far though while Warriors haven't

Updated Plays... RECAP:

HOU -2.5 2 UNITS

Good Luck bro ,

Dont really like past data pertaining to Indiana they just have overhauled there offensive philosophy IMO(like Utah has)...

Happened to jump on Houston as well but now at 4 playing Memphis..just to many points. Swift should return here and I like how Memphis has played..
I still liked the UNDER in this game.. hoping the 4th quarter.. that both teams revert to their ways and keep it slow.. Pacers in no means are going to get out in the fast break.. and PHILLY goes defense in the 4th and benches C Webb... well did last game anyway.

So you middled because of a different in 1.5 points? I know you value the lines ALOT.. but don't you think Houston can win by 5 if you'd bet them at 2.5?
5-0 boys (+8.0 UNITS). Bounceback night.. think most of us had the same. Good looks on that NOK total renew, and the LAL total Killa. Also, Duy I usually don't make plays the night before but you got me on Rocks early... didn't have to sweat it out as if I had -4.

Hope to keep it going.