Trouble for Arkansas

Ouch. Now what happens to the line. We'll see how much the books place on McFadden ,which could be useful later.
jimmyd said:
Ouch. Now what happens to the line. We'll see how much the books place on McFadden ,which could be useful later.

I think McFadden is worth a TD or somewhere thereabouts, not only for offensive production but keeping the SC offense off the field.

This line goes up to 16 or 17 now.
They will have a young qb who was gonna rely heavily on their rb.. This game will be ugly :gun:
Line will go up like RJ said. Whenever it does, we'll be all over Arkansas again. Reason? They are still loaded with talent at that position. Add in the fact that we were playing on them, not only because of their offensive potential, but also because they will have an experienced defense back as well.

USC will sputter around their first game due to lack of chemistry. This is a COMPLETELY different backfield than what they have been used to for the last 3 years! AND, they are coming to a loud, rowdy, obnoxious SEC fan filled stadium to play a team that has had this game marked on their calendar since last year's defeat by the Trojans. If this line does go up to +17 or more, the value is still with the Razorbacks. If it is between 12-16, I will have to do some serious consideration before playing on anyone. If it stays below 12, USC has to become the play.

That's my opinion anyway and you can take my opinion and add $3.00 to it and it will buy you a small bag of popcorn at your local movie theatre.
I'lll send YOU the $3 and thank you for the opinion.
Being from Tulsa, we'll get a lot of info on this tomorrow and see what shakes out.
Let us know what you find out, Jimmy!

You know, guys, as tempting as it is whenever the lines first come out, I do not lay any bets until the week of the games. Injuries, suspensions, and transfers will bite you in the ass sometimes.
Be as informed as possible on a play before committing the money to it.
at +17 i will be all over arky. lets see where this line drops at an we will see where niggas side at. still like arky here
jimmyd said:
Oh my Gawd, Stardust now has USC-24 today. McFadden is worth 10+ to Arky.

If this turns out to be true, it will be very difficult NOT to place money on Arky!
i am very happy to see some of great ncaaf cappers are lovin arky. im gonna love seein this line open at 20+.

lets go pinny get these lines up