Trick or Treats.. Abcs Style




Kentucky (+105) Risking 1 unit
Buffalo +37 Risking 2 units
Southern Cali -7 (+106) FIRST HALF Risking 1.9 units
South Carolina +5 (-115) Riskign 2 units
Northwestern +34 (-110) Risking 1.4 units
Pats (W) Wake Forrest [Open] ML Parlay Risking 3.5 units
Notre Dame -1 Miami Fl +19 Colts +15 Northwestern +46.5 to win 1 unit
clemson (-2 units) :hairout:

** Please note i put the juice as part of the play to keep an accurate record of units!!
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KY on the road getting almost no money/points? I know Miss. State is terrible, but the last I checked, KY was pretty terrible too. Kentucky's next road win will be their first...I actually somewhat like Missy State in this one...
i'm going to wait this week....october is getting tough and luckily it took 3 weekends in october for me to feel that for once. will spend more time looking at dogs this week
Yeah, I won't play this one until Friday or so...I've probably already put in all my early week plays...gonna wait it out from here on out...
If your gonna be the Bison, you may as well just be the Buffalo Buffaloes. Anyway, the Bison, as well as Northwestern, are my 2 huge dog early plays...also have Tenny -3 and Georgia Yech -4.5
Also jumped on Kentucky ABCs as I see them ending up around 3pt favs when all is said and done with the line moves.

Thought I was the only one who liked Buffalo vs BC. I took Buff vs Auburn getting 42.5 and I like getting huge points in this one as well. Gonna wait till the line moves up a bit though as it is about to move to 37.5 in a sec if I guess correctly, and maybe a bit higher than that before settling in around 36 to 36.5 I would think.
Here are some of my other leans right now.

NW (I am greedy though, I want that 35.5 105 for security)
Buffalo (I am greedy though, I want that 37.5 105 for security)
BGSU (I know many will be on Temple this week, but laying only 20 hmmm)
SMISS (If I can get -3.5 at 115 I am on it, the juice on this one is dropping right now, from 110 down to 102)
UCLA ML +110 (this one is a toss up, so may take a shot with the Bruins at home)
RUTGERS (May just pay the price to get 16.5 at 120 since I figure this will be closer to 20 by Sunday night)
I suck, Buffalo now at 36.. That's what I get for being greedy. I will see if it goes back to 37. I don't like not getting at least 37 as I could see this be 44-7 or something weird like that.
I think its 34 By kickoff.. It was 41 at auburn.. anyway the showing the bison had last week kind of worries me.
Also leaning towards Marshall -5.5 at home vs Memphis. May just lock that one in now as I see it getting to 7 by gametime.

Also may just take BGSU now as the juice has dropped 5 cents so I can get 19.5 115 now. I like getting under 20 and don't mind paying an extra 5 for it as I don't see it getting any lower.

Gotta love this line movement stuff. Closest I will ever come to being a day trader I guess.
Love the house getting TPed. Very funny. Goodluck bro. Personally gonna wait this week and change some strategy as this Saturday killed me.
yeah Carolina, I agree on the line movement vs. daytrading stuff. You ever livebet at Matchbook? If you have money on both sides of a game, the software actually clears it out so that you can risk more...its like daytrading city. Such a rush during a MNF game to just sit with your laptop and buy sell as people overreact to big plays...
dfresh244 said:
Yo! ABC's as far as that ML parlay is concerned I like Texas at -475 and Nebraska at -245
Sounds pretty good, not sure how much i like taking 2 road more road teams.. More than likely will take texas.. Not sure on the other one yet :cheers:
Grind_4_Mine said:
gl ABCS... btw, nice hit on the Rockets last night

Too bad i gave back 3/4 of it on the cowboys.. thanks bud though :cheers:
Thanks guys, Smallish card. Just hopin to end up on the + side for this week. Probablly will be heading to the bars pretty soon to watch my dogs.

Oh yea once again... All Bowden coaches should be fired!!
Not a good week.. But if the colts can cover 15.5 and i can hit my last spot in the ml parlay ( even if its -700 ) it will be a positive week so i guess ill take it
Decided to take
ML (-255) Risking 3.5 units to win 5.3 units

I realize that there were a lot more other games that might be easier to pick. I just am in the mood to gamble. Hopefully this hits and gets me right back into the ball game. Romo in his first career start. Playing on the road against the best front 7 in the nfl in a must win game for both teams. Should be exciting.
Still Think Buffalo and South carolina were the right side... SC outplayed tenn for 3.5 quaters. Just made some bonehead plays..thus the score wasnt indicative..

Been a bad month.., havent had time to focus on capping with grad school! Amazing how my units have dropped once school started.
Cashed out 4 units(or 150 bucks) when the gambling law was about to be passed.. All i had was 50 bucks starting the cfb year so ill take it
If the panthers win su sunday and the colts cover 15.5.. I will have an 11 unit all in special for next week..and if that cashes there will be an all in 22 unit special and if that cashes, i will cash out then 44 units,it one of those plays loses well it was fun, and i made a whoppin 100 bucks this cfb season.. :shake: But burn out is kicking in and grades arent doin well.. So we shall see how this plot unfoils. Last year I made like 10 units in nfl/college and about 30in golf ( although ive given some back the last few weeks). But basketball killed me last year BIG TIME.. . Amazing how many times i got burnt on a meaningless ft or bucket at the buzzer.. thus i am not lookin fwd to it.. and will most likely stay far far away from it.
Thus i have 3 weeks left..
Panthers come through for me

Hope yall had profitable weeks..