Top 30 Quarterback units...


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This is going to be the first in a series of 11 units where I project my Top-30 units at each position going into the start of fall camp.

Remember, this is not just the best player, but the best units.

Yes, Michigan State doesn't have a lot of depth behind Drew Stanton but I like him well enough to use them higher than other teams close to them (such as Florida, who has two very talented guys who could run the offense).

That's just one example. Here's my Top 30 at QB... Will be a tad behind on the rest, as I'm trying to enjoy a little bit of vacation. Will be finishing the rest of these next week.

1. Arizona State
2. Louisville
3. Ohio State
4. Michigan State
5. Notre Dame
6. Florida
7. Iowa
8. Texas Tech
9. Michigan
10. Hawaii
11. BYU
12. Stanford
13. Miami (Florida)
14. Houston
15. Utah
16. LSU
17. Florida State
18. UTEP
19. Georgia Tech
20. Tulane
21. Arizona
22. Oregon State
23. Iowa State
24. Nevada-Reno
25. West Virginia
26. San Diego State
27. Western Michigan
28. UNLV
29. Oregon State
30. Purdue

Thoughts, opinions, agreements, disagreements, etc., all welcome...

I think you have to have Utah ranked in the top 10 just because of their experience and depth at that position. I don't think they are getting noticed as much because of their mediocre season last year. But, they are good here 3 deep.
At first look I thought Michigan at #9 was a bit too high, but looking at Henne's stats and the fact that Hart was injured for most of last year I can see that, although I don't think they have anything behind him.
I have a hard time putting the likes of Miami and FSU in the top 25 here. I have not been impressed with either Weatherford or Wright in the games I've seen them play.
Weatherford/Lee have to be top 25...Lee is a big time recruit still, despite his struggles in the little bit he played last year...this is actually the best FSU's been at QB in five years..
I have trouble ranking LSU that high when you consider Skyler Green was the backup in the bowl last year. Yes, Flynn played well there but I'm not convinced Russell is as good as you think, ABCS... Perrilloux is supposed to be a good one; going three-deep, you could make a case they are better than some of those ahead of them, but I'm not sure...

Thanks for the feedback thus far fellas.
Matt Stafford would come in and start as a freshman on a lot of those teams...
Joey T has a lot to prove but he will be a descent talent.
Blake Barnes and Joe cox were both Elite 11 qb's.. both were POY in their state.
Wha? No Texas? We've got Vince and..ahh shit nevermind. :nervous:

The biggest question mark for my Horns this year.

LSU I agree with. Flynn had one good game and Perrilouxhas been all hype so far.

Tebow is gonna be a great one at Florida.
Nevada might have a top 10 QB in Rowe, but after that very scary!!
UNLV #28 QB unit in the nation has to be a joke right?
Great list Rex.

Wit the local teams...MSU has a top 5 starter as you point out but no depth. UM on the other hand..ranked about 10 which is fine....Henne will have a bigger year than most think IMO.

ASU is a solid number one choice with Rudy and Keller. Wonder how that goes down though over the course of year. I know coach says that no losing spots to injury but this will be something to watch.

I will agree with your LSU way they could be higher.

Would like to hear your Tulane ranking and why. Thanks.
I always enjoy and appreciate your preseason write-ups rex...agree with the rankings of ASU, Texas Tech, Utah and Nevada...have some issues with the rankings of UTEP (Palmer's overrated), Georgia Tech (Ball still sucks even as a senior), Oregon St. (Moore's got to prove to me he isn't an INT machine) and UNLV (no one on that teams proven anything to me to warrant a top 25 mention) I know these are "unit" rankings and not individual QB rankings, but the starting QB for each team has got to have a lot of weight...
ABCS - I like Georgia's depth but am not a Tereshinski fan. Stafford, from what I've heard, would be intriguing.

Fazekas: Rowe's been at Reno since 2002 but I also like the upside of Graziano; supposed to have a hell of an arm and at 6'1", 230, should be difficult to bring down. Moore has been around four years too.

The UNLV rating is no joke. Rocky Hinds would be my choice as a starter. He's 6'5", 220 and runs a 10.47 in the 100 meters. He started at USC in 2004 and learned how to pass for a year under Norm Chow before transferring to Vegas. Steichen was solid before breaking his ring finger against Utah State and Jackson (though he struggled some) started five games so they have plenty of experience. The Hinds kid really intrigues me; he's the one who can help Sanford take this team to the top of its league in the next three years...

Big Al: Tulane went through hell last year and provided there are no more Katrina's this season, I gotta think Ricard plays his way into a decent draft choice this fall. He's got that prototypical size and arm that they look for in the league. King, Ramsey and Losman are all in the Niffel and this guy should continue the pipeline. Elliott started in three, Moore is supposed to be a good one (though will likely redshirt) and Scelfo is the coach's son. Maybe it's a bit high but I like Ricard more than the backups, if that's what you were getting at (all receivers return too, making him look better).

Pags: I'm not the biggest Palmer fan ever but he IS a four-year starter. Dew is 6'5", 265 and was a top-20 QB in high school and Lorne Sam (FSU transfer) is a play-maker. Remember, Carson's best season in college was his senior year - by a lot.

Yes, Ball has struggled some at times but he's also led them to some real nice wins the last three years (Auburn, at Clemson, at Maryland, at Auburn, at Miami, all ranked at the time).... and Bennett and Garner (don't be surprised) are both solid behind him. I like four-year starters... you might think he sucks but Chan wouldn't stick with him if he didn't think this guy could get it done.

Not sure whether it's Riley's offense or what but Anderson was also prone to throw a lot of picks. With a much better O-line, Moore should have more time and use his strong arm to pick apart some of those porous Pac-10 secondaries.

Thanks fellas.
Steichen and Jackson are worthless, trust me. Hinds is unproven, obviously has more talent in his pinkie than the other 2 combined, but they arn't even making him the full fledged starter yet. That HAS to tell you something.

I'll probably will be taking a chance with Ball and Co. in week one...I'm sick I know...