Top 30 Defensive Backs units...


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This is going to be the seventh in a series of 11 units where I project my Top-30 units at each position going into the start of fall camp.

Remember, this is not just the best player, but the best units.

Here's my Top 30 at D-Back...

1. Louisiana State
2. Miami (Florida)
3. Michigan
4. Southern California
5. Oklahoma
6. North Carolina State
7. Arizona
8. Virginia Tech
9. Texas
10. California
11. Ohio State
12. Auburn
13. Penn State
14. Tennessee
15. Colorado
16. Notre Dame
17. Florida State
18. South Florida
19. Nebraska
20. San Diego State
21. Florida
22. Kansas
23. Louisville
24. Northwestern
25. Clemson
26. Arkansas
27. Maryland
28. Utah
29. Boise State
30. Pittsburgh

Thoughts, comments, etc., all welcome and appreciated...

I'd put Texas as a top 5 unit but don't have too much of a problem with top 10.

Huff was a big loss and Marcus Griffin has some question marks. CBs Ross and Brown are top notch and we have a young crop coming up.

I know Horn is concerned about this squad next year.
You got some serious 'splainin to do on this one Rex. UNLV should probably be in the 5-10 range considering they have one of the best corners in the nation, Eric Wright. Joining him is a very solid unit with junior college all-american, John Guice, throw in UCLA tranfer Milvon James and Oklahoma's Tony Cade with senior leader Jay Staggs and theres no friggin way in hell theres even 10 secondary units better than this one. Definitly not on the west coast where I come from. If I were grading units, I don't know how they compare as much with the rest of the country, but UNLV corners are hands down better and more experienced than the QB's and you have UNLV QB's in the top 30. This must be an oversight correct?
Eric Wright is already preseason player of the year in the mountain west how can san diego st, boise st, and utah all be ahead of UNLV?

UNLV's pass defense was near the bottom of America last year. Is it improved? Yes but it was so bad it had nowhere to go but up. There are a couple of publications that listed UNLV as a bottom-five pass defense last year - out of 119. Awfully difficult to jump 85 or more places in one season, even with the additions.

Wright is going to be a stud. The other transfers you mention I've heard good things about. What's the deal with Gordon? Indefinite suspension last I checked...

It's still not as good as San Diego State's or Utah's and about on par with Colorado State, even with all the improvements. Thanks for the feedback.
Nick, one of the key words you used was "transfers." A unit made up of guys who couldn't make it at better programs. That should help you to understand why they are not there besides what Rexy explained to you about their pass defense last season.
rex, none of these players even played for us last year, just Guice and Staggs and they are just role players now this year. Ernest Gordon sucks anyway, thats addition by subtraction. Eric Wright is the cream of the crop, there is no better cornerback in the nation. John Guice got torched last year cause hes like 5'8 and had to matchup on monsters like hank baskett and others our D just got lit last year. The three guys mentioned, cade, wright, and james will turn around the pass defense these guys are gluelike. I don't see how you can put any stock into last year when this is a completely different unit and the guys that are back are a year older. I would be SHOCKED if they arnt one of the best if not the best unit in the west actually.
Eric Wright had no problems cutting it at USC sooner, in fact he had an interception in the orange bowl vs oklahoma.......
theres just no doubt the corners at UNLV are better than the QB's rest assured.
appreciate the feedback my man. I have no choice but to put stock in last year - at least a little bit.

We'll see how it pans out.

Early returns from what I'm hearing, I wish I could drop their QB rating to about 50 or so... which I am doing for my main power ratings...
Dont mean to be a badger or anything I just look at it like this

UNLV a top 30 QB ranking with Steichen (sucks) Jackson (sucks) Hinds (hasnt played a snap of football since his Junior year of High School)

linebackers-with Mike Pattison and Beau Bell (future possible 1st round pick) are left off.

Cornerbacks- as Ive said thats probably our best and deepest unit with a 1st round talent Eric Wright

just tough for me to imagine 30 teams out there with more talent in the linebacking and corners considering UNLV has a possible first round pick in each unit.
How's the weather in costa rica by the way? I havent been there since 2001 can't wait to go back. I wish I had an Imperial lol.
Nicky: Weather here is great as always. Rainy season is here until November so it's usually sunny in the morning, clouds up a little after noon and then about 3-4 it rains for a few hours and clears up at night again. Highs about 78 or so, lows in low 60s... Special teams is next... And yes, I love Imperial myself....