TNT Thursday


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0-2 last night....that sucked...played this yesterday and mysteriously line has moved one

LA Lakers -4 -106 2 units.

On the other game...I like Miami catching the 3.5
With you on Kobe, or the Lakers tonight.

Let's hope to bounce back after last night boss.
well games already going Soda...but you can see DET is lifeless early..

Miami rebounds better and I think with the way they are playing lately they shouldn't be grabbing 3.5 at home
:bow: thnx bar, kinda thought detroit would take this one with there rest and the matchup's lately... I also thought big revenge for them... gl to ya
Think it will be tight all honesty.

I really don't know if Dwayne makes it thru the season without some minor injuries. Kid has basically been going full tilt for 14 months straight and he has to be in game or they get outscored horrendously
Kobias was on a mission no doubt...60 percent shooting for LA to boot..makes up for Yag ass wed