Thursday Night College Football.........


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Virginia Tech +4.5 -102 1.5 units
Virginia Tech ML +176 0.50 units.

Played these late last night..line hasn't changed much. I like that. I think you will see this drop 1/2 point to a point in the next 75 minutes.

GL to all on your plays this evening.
CLEMSON -- Clemson's offensive line loses valuable experience and agility with its latest addition to the injury list, but the Tigers' front just got a whole lot bigger.

Starting senior left guard Roman Fry, who tore his ACL in Saturday's win against Georgia Tech, was a nimble 300-pounder.

His replacement has grace for a big man, but also boasts a 330-pound frame.

Redshirt junior Chris McDuffie, a native of Danville, Va., will make his first collegiate start in his home state on national television when the Tigers play at Virginia Tech on Thursday.

"Back home, now that's going to be quite an experience," McDuffie said.
Maybe not quite on the level of being quickly summoned from the sideline after just three snaps Saturday when Fry crumbled to the turf after backtracking to pick up a blitz.

"I didn't really see him go down, but I saw coach (Brad Scott) waving his hand and calling my name," McDuffie said. "I couldn't actually hear my name, but I saw his arm moving and they told me I had to go play.
"I got excited because I knew now was my time to step up."

McDuffie's previous steps had been more around than up as he has shuffled between offense and defense since arriving at Clemson in 2003 from Hargrave Military Academy. He's one of the rare Tigers who have played more than 90 snaps on both sides of the ball.

He began his collegiate career by making 12 tackles in 128 plays as a defensive tackle in 2004. He then switched to offensive line the following season, saw action in six games and appeared 11 games on special teams.
McDuffie has struggled with his weight and that was part of what prompted the change to offense where his bulk can now be a plus, although the coaches would still like to see him a bit lighter.

"He adds beef to the line. We went from averaging about 310 in weight to about 320 real quick," tackle Marion Dukes said, with a laugh. "He brings power and is strong as an ox. Sometimes, he gets mixed up on some blitzes and defenses, but he's got to learn as a starter to prepare for every aspect of the defense."

Center Dustin Fry said that for his size, McDuffie is "probably the most athletic lineman we have. His technique isn't where it needs to be, but he's been working on that."

Clemson coach Tommy Bowden was extremely pleased with McDuffie's performance against Georgia Tech and how Clemson dominated on the ground. He was awarded the team's 12th man award after playing 39 of 55 offensive snaps.

"I always tell our second-team guys they are one snap away from being the starter," Bowden said. "Thank goodness he took it to heart and has practiced well and played well."
Very nice brutha! I'll be looking for yout post tonight and Saturday.