Thursday Night Ball, Big Play Inside.


My man, Michael Jordan!
Alright, 3-5 last night but been doing very well lately... and am 3-0 when risking more than 5 Units on a single play. Tonight I have a feeling about one of those plays.

Nets +3 vs. Suns 10 Units ($2200-$2000)

I don't think you'll see a better line than this. Phoenix has basically been out west for about 3 weeks. 7 out of L10 have been home and they squeaked out a win against Baron-less GS, lost to UTAH in a great game, and rolled Portland. Other than that they've basically been home and haven't really played any top tier teams.

That being said right now the Nets are NOT a top tier team. They are struggling. I think Jefferson's ankle injury really slowed down their progress. 2 Nights ago the Mavs brought a must-win intensity and it frustrated the Nets. First, Suns cannot frustrate you defensively... so the Nets will have their chances... and I believe at home they will hustle back and make Phoenix work for every basket. I know J Kidd is older now, but he doesn't want to be shown up by Nash twice back to back.

PHO will play to keep it close IMO and try to sneak out a win. Nash will see long periods of rest because this is their first trip really away from the West and he doesn't want to wear him down. They have to play a easily winnable game tomorrow in Boston too so they simply cannot drop that one.

Last year the Nets in a similar situation blew out PHO. Flat out embarassed them. Because of that I expect PHO to play much harder in this spot than just laying down. What that game did show you is that when PHO gets on the road and the crowd's momentum supports the other team's efforts on defense... that PHO can struggle. Nets will not run and gun with the Suns... and I have not seen PHO beat anyone down this season in the half court. The season is a marathon not a race and that's why we get these good spots from time to time. It's cold right now in Jorsey, and I see Nash laying on his back a good portion of the game just trying to not cramp up.

Nets 102
Suns 89

Stons' +7 2 Units

Wasn't going to touch this one b/c the line seems off a bit IMO. Hate taking a dog when close to half the public is... but WTF why not... gotta tail the hometown boys when it comes to their squad. Really have a gut feeling about NJ, this is simply a tail.
3.5 availible at the whack sites... BoDog and SI...

Good sign as always for the dogg.

Adding a shits/giggles Parlay

Nets ML +130, Nets/Suns Under 210, Pistons +7, & N.D -2

$100 to win $1510
Like the first three legs of that parlay, but really undecided upon that ND game. Too many ?'s there imo.

GL tonight.
Anyone with such a big play needs to be pulled I am Nets fan tonite! Shady ole Bodog has it @ +4 now....

Like the shits and giggles parlay...
Thanks everyone... here's to hoping the Nets keep my big (usually fade) plays streak going.
Worst moose I've ever had... Nets had chances to win twice and should have won it no doubt once. Had the correct side, congrats if you had PHO but that wasn't the right side.
On tilt... going to try to get it back with the Kings comming out strong...lose this and I'm taking a break for awhile (till tomorrow night)

Kings -1.5 1Q 10 Units