Thursday early looks



Thursday Frozen Fades (FINAL bets posted)

monday: 4-0 plus 4-0 parlay
tuesday: 4-0 plus 2-0 parlay
wednesday:1-0 plus 2-0 parlay
thursday: hopefully keepin up the trend...

...but i doubt it. for how many games there are its a tough night

but so far i think i have found 3 good ones...

NY RANGERS +125 @ Dallas

Modano and Ott are both out for Dallas. Dallas lost at home against Columbus in their last game, while the Rangers have won 4 in a row. Dallas has a good, healthy defense but with the Rangers at -125 i cant pass it up.

COLUMBUS -102 @ Phoenix

Columbus is a HOT team right now under their new coach. They have really been scoring, while Phoenix currently has no will to play whatsoever and has been taking it in the ass for a couple games straight. Columbus isn't a great team but man they have really shown that they don't think so in these last few.

Columbus / Phoenix OVER 5.5

See Above.

just found this one...
Buffalo @ Florida UNDER 6.5

Buffalo has gone UNDER in 4 of last 5, Florida has gone UNDER in 7 of last 9. Buffalo scores a lot, but they've been slowing down. My guess a final is 4-0 Buffalo...

anyway I will look into things more by tomorrow and post my frozen fades...good luck to all, and to all a good night
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that is a really good streak you have. What is your take on the San Jose Game, i am kind of tended to take the Sharks but i don't like two teams playing each other that close together in the schedule.
Cass! When is your retirement party? The way your hitting these games, it can't be far off! Congrats, on the superb run bro!
With Norrena playing the way he is, its hard for me to pull the trigger on an over there IMO.

Buffalo unders arent for the faint of heart but the way the Panthers have been scoring lately it certainly is worth a look.

GL Cass:cheers:
hi Cass, great stuff from you just seen it. Props :shake: btw, I agree with you about the Jackets, they really look to be clicking right now, and it's no wonder considering their roster and the fact they have enough talent and depth to cope with most of the league. They surely have more to offer than the Coyotes right now so Columbus ML might be the play, I'm pulling the trigger on it myself. 4 units.

Btw if your estimation is 4-0 Sabres would you consider playing them? Of course in a different way than ML (since it's too low) or -1,5 (not a big fan of pucklines I have to admit) but what I have here is regular time win, pays at around 1.60.
The way they handled the Devils in New Jersey really makes you wonder, plus Florida doesn't seem to be able to play against fast skating/hard working teams like the Sabres.
Just my 02.

Cheers & GL :cheers:
yes I would consider that...had a bad feeling last night for some reason, just afraid Buffalo would be there but not really 'show up' for the game. But there's a reason why their record is so good and it's because they dont take nights off. I think I may add buffalo -.5 in regulation, add TB/Montreal over 6, and drop something from that list...maybe the Buffalo under, not sure yet
I'll put this in here... thecakeoff, please stop bumping threads from Monday.

We all appreciate Cass' presence here and value his insight but we dont need to clutter the forum with bumps of 3 day old threads and the rest of the week.

Sorry Cass for putting it in your thread, needed to be said.

GL tonight
Thursday Frozen Fades

These are my final picks...

First off I am dropping the Columbus over...I think there is an okay chance that it will hit, but there are just some better bets tonight

I am sticking with...
COLUMBUS (-107) @ Phoenix -- 2 units
RANGERS (+120) @ Dallas -- 3 units
Buffalo/Florida UNDER 6.5 (-114) -- 3 units

Tampa Bay @ Montreal OVER 6 (+112) -- a fat 4 units
2-Team Parlay
Buffalo -1.5
San Jose ML
Risking 8u to win 12.2

Good Luck to all :cheers: Lets win the moneys!
yeah that sucked...did you bet the Rangers? btw nice seeing you stick around...a lot of people hit the 20 post mark and leave, or they end up staying for a while it seems, hope your in for the long haul

santa - no problem
ya i bet on my rangers :) good call

i listened to the end of the blue jackets game online so that pissed me off even more....

im not into hockey as much as i was this time last year (betting football a lot) so everytime someone had a chance i had no idea whose team it was haha
great call on the Rangers against my Stars, too bad Jackets and San Jose screwed it up. Cheers.