The king of Krunk Special..



Yall know what time it is.. *ALL IN*
And what better game than the mini tosu v Michigan game.. the pizza guys vs the inbreds!!

I thought this would be an 11 unit play but since the panthers lost ( badly ).. this will only be a 2.4 unit play. Been an up and down college football season. Reached +34 units after 4 weeks.. then the Auburn loss set it back quickly. Burnt out has started to kick in.. luckilly I cashed out some money, so if i lose this play i will still be up on the year. Time to focus in on graduate school.

minus 1 and a half toppings (-105) Risking 2.4 breadsticks

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Like the play for an ALL-IN if there ever was one... home team getting no love here... WVU has not impressed me. Brohm has been struggling just enough to give us this gift of a line... I expect a razor sharp UL team Thursday.

I am liking dem Cards myself, and cant stand the Ville. Going to wait later in the week, as i think line moves closer to a pick.

Good luck everyone.. I also have one other pending bet and that is that Ohio St wins the big 10 ( to win 2 units ).. besides that this is all of whats left in my account:10_16_2: Amazing how i once had 34 units in my pinny account and 15 in betcris.. Considering I only started with 3 units, it was a great run..(mostly golf and tennis) but I mean damn.. it went quickly!! :eek:
good chance i will be on tha ville also. good luck, lets finally cash one we both on
tru said:
good chance i will be on tha ville also. good luck, lets finally cash one we both on

Please dont.. I noticed my system lost again when we both chose the cocks..Well i bet on them, I dont think you even capped that one, i think u just went with their nickname..

Anyway its like 0 - 6, maybe its the SMODOD hex,
but chose the under or the over.. or the first half, or the ml.. but we cant be on the same side..
the SMODOD hex,

i seem to have gotten over it just fine:3_7_3v:

then again, my jewish blood runs ice cold:hammer:
i thought u were on tenn in that one. SC was a system play for me, this might fit also. it will be 1-6 after thursday
inspekdah i just can't see how you can say that and if abcs wasn't all in on it i would wish nothing but the opposite you want on the outcome of that game so to all "good health". i am by no means a homer, i can see people being on louisville but to say they have not impressed you and to say the cards have is ludicrous and if you do not know why you know nothing about football or are just blind.i will not comment on this game the rest of the week besides say this game hits 60 points IMO and that it will be great and the winner will be a strong bet in the nattional championship game as a huge underdgo either way despite piss poor defenses(in comparison to michigan and tOSU)
Nope i was on south carolina. The team that outplayed them for 3 quaters. But gave up a huge punt return then a 2 play scoring drive and couldnt recover.. after the gifts sc gave tenn in the first half. Tenn backers can thank their lucky stars that game. If you thought ur team played well then explain to me why they fell in the polls
Thanks Troy I know ur a wvu guy. Hopefully they win for ya.. I have more money just gettin tired of capping. I might pop in and out for bowl games and an nba game now and then but not the 100 post a day back and forth shit. I just like talkin sports
abcs said:
minus 1 and a half toppings (-105) Risking 2.4 breadsticks


Hes Alive

Will have another All in play for saturdays game..This time for 4.4 units :cheers: