The Farm's Week 7 NFL

The Farm

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Jumped on a couple of early lines

N.E. PATS-5.5 for 1 unit
S.D. Chargers-5 for 1 unit
Seattle -7 for .5 units
Broncos/Browns over 32 for .5 units

More to come this week
wow........I am on the opposite unloaded on Buffalo +6 , Took Minny +7.5 but I understand Seattle and I like KC at home.......

You know I hate being on the opposite side of you...
Added SD 1st half -3 for 1 unit
nice card Farm, i really like Pats today...Brady owns Bills 9-1 lifetime plus the bye week will help him get insink (lol) with the wideouts, plus Chad Jackson will be playing this is the first time all year he's not listed on injury report...thanx Farm have a winning day GL....:cheers: