THE BIG ONE. L'VILLE / WVir. A game thats like a BOWL Game. Who goes away a loser?


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Lots of in terest here tonight on this game. Obviuosly because these two are 7-0.

The line LY at WV was L'ville -7. This year its at Louisville. LY Lville was favored 11 of 12 games. They lost that time as a 9.5 dog to Virginia Tech in the bowl game.

WV was a favorite 6 times and a dog 5 times. but they won all their games SU on the road and 4-1 ats as a dog. They also lost LY to Vir tech but that was a home game for WV. They were beaten at home 17-34 as a 10 point dog.

What all this has to do with tonights game is that LY Bush was playing and thats what made L'ville a 7 point fav against WV even though L'Ville los 46-44.

So thats why the line is pk or -1 here either way tonight. Bush is out.

But lets not look to far past what really is important here. The L'ville defense is far better this year than last year. While WV is better but not nearly as much improved as L'ville.

WV lives and dies by the run. But they have never faced a run defense as good as L'ville, this season.

Up to now L'Ville played a little tougher schedule when compared to won -loss records of the opponents.

But WV is on the road tonight aganst a team with a winning record. They played losers on the road. Miss St, 2-7 E.Carolina 4-4 and Conn 3-5.

L'Ville played Cinn 5-4, KENTUCKY 4-4, Mid-Tenn 5-3, Mia,fla 5-3 at home and toinght wants revenge.

This game could come down to turnovers as VW has won a few on other teams mistakes.. They are +12 in turnovers.

L'Ville is minus 4 in to's this season but at home I see them playing much better and they should pull this out.

I se L'ville stopping the WV run just enough to force WV into obvious passing situations. Thats where this game will be won IMO.

Lville has balance and a better defense for sure.

Cards BY 10.

wrong Krunked... This is the SPORTS INSTITUTION, bud. Everyone here knows football!
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all over it, G


Its on now as "take-two" on espn Yanks.

Go watch it! Its fun to know your going to win the game...its like having an almanac! hahahah.. "Back to the future!"