Thanksgiving Day and Birthday NFL....


Brian Windhorst
Thanksgiving Week NFL....

I am getting old gentlemen.....23 today...

Final 2005 NFL Record:
Overall (97-49-1) 67%

2006 record

OVERALL (75-58-2)
1* (69-52-2)
5* (1-0)
6* (0-1)
PROPS (3-3)

Season Win Totals

Chicago Bears OVER 9 wins (9-1) :drink:

Philadelphia OVER 8.5 wins (5-5)

San Francisco OVER 5 WINS (5-5)

ATL OVER 8 wins (5-5)

Buffalo UNDER 6.5 WINS (4-6)

CINCI TO WIN AFC NORTH + 250 (2 games out of first )

Today I am playing:ALL 2*

Miami - 2.5

Dallas -11

Kansas City -1

BOL to all :cheers:
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It only gets better YESSIR just wait until 25 now thats a thinker...

Happy Bday: Get fat on Turkey.....Just remember 30 is right around the corner....

Im approaching it 28....30 is only a blink away...

Good Luck your picks are solid....

gl and happy birthday have some well wishers in the general discussion forum.
happy birthday, i turned 23 last month too, fucking strange age to be. happy birthday and good holiday wishes!
23.....I got you flipped....32!

We just all never envision oursleves as our parents so thats why it seems odd. I tell you though not much difference year to year...23 to 32..yeah some BUT 28-32 absolutely no difference IMO...thankfully I look exactly the same way since I was 25 /26...just dont let yourslef get old...

I guess I should clarify that if your single though. If you are married then naturally there is a difference...Enjoy 23 and beyond...GL
KingKrunked- Thanks bro...just seems wierd, everything after 21 seems worthless lol :shake:

Sportsnut- thanks for the words of wisdom. I am not maried...thank god. Think you are absolutely correct with the "dont let yourself get old". Age is a number...:shake:
YesSir, what street you live on in CBus? I live on E. Norwich. Hope you took part in the festivies last week and jumped in Mirror Lake and all that fun shit. GL bro, peace.:shake:
Thanks G-Man and Resh! :cheers:

STL - 4 3*

Cleveland/Cinci OVER 43 2*

Minny - 6.5 1 *

Jags/Buff UNDER 35 1*

Wash + 5 1*

Pitt + 3.5 (hook) 1*

NYG - 2.5 (hook) 1* ......will take my chances of getting screwed here

Jets/Hous OVER 40 1*

BOL to all :cheers:
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