T.O tried to commit suicide


Last night T.O. was rushed to Baylor hospital in Dallas to try to induce vomitting. He took 33 pain medication pills.:down:
article on Covers about it! Weird shit I knew he had issues after the Philly situation with the press conference in front of house with him working out....I have battled depression so you sought of spot it rather easily.

I went to bed last night and it just said that he was rushed to hospital due to 'reaction' to painkillers.

THis isnt a laughing matter. Yea the guy has personality issues but you can tell its eating at him inside. Honestly i like him on the field, he works harder than anyone else ( for the good of himself more so than the good of the team).
Hopefully hes alright
My opinion is that he's not the hotshot he used to be, people don't care as much now and guys like Chad Johnson and their bullshit are taking over.
before i went to work this morning there was supposed to be a press conference? and the "fact" of a failed suicide was under review? this happen yet?
if he was gonna commit suicide there are a lot easier ways to do it
The Farm said:
Mark It Zero!