Sunday's Niffel...


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Two big bets this weekend for me in the Niffel.

I laid 4 with the Giants on Monday. Off the BYE, a brutal schedule to start out - I have them 4 better than WASH on a neutral field. This game is at home.

I also have Denver -4 on Monday night. The Ravens are the worst 4-0 team quite possibly in the history of the Niffel.

I have keyed those 2 in my 10-point teasers with the following:


Also going to lay 1 with Philly if it pops up.

GL today all...

I liked NY and DENVER as well, but I'm not willing to pay more that "4" on either number, and I think that went away...
There are still '4's with the Broncos out there, but I imagine they will be gone later today or tomorrow.

Well, they got me on the Iggles. It's painted '1' now...

Thanks fellas. Three plays and a shitload of teasers, GL today...
love the broncos on monday night as well....will play them once i get some cash in my acct (all in again)
I sure hope the Broncos cover the 4. If they don't, I sure in the hell hope they don't LOSE by more than 5 - tons and tons of teaser fun out there!!!!

GL all...

with the weather so up in the air, why not bet back on Ravens to create a giant middle on at least some of the money?