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Not too bad at all last night. I got caught up and never got to add to Clips play or that Under in Golden St. Could have been a dream day. Ah well, I'll take what we got.

3-02 +4.01

36-16-4 +20.30 units

Here's todays plays...sorry, another busy day...hence no write-ups..

Seattle-2 +102
New Orleans -3 +102
Orlando -3 -103 (2 units)

Soft line for Magic..that will be 5-6 in a few months.

For fade's Big Al Sunday Football..

Washington +3 +`107
Detroit +5 +101

GL TO ALL!!:drink:
Looks great Big Al, only game I am on the other side of is your homer pick of the Lions.

GL today buddy.
Very bad news for you B.A.R, I like all three sides as well.

Disagree with both NFL picks, but I haven't been nearly as cold in football as I have started in the NBA...
Looks good B.A.R, glad I waited on the Hornets and Sonics games with the lines dropping in their favor.
good luck bar, not sure if im hittin naything today might take a day off. card looks solid, magic look great today but i cant lay chalk on tha road. lets see a 3-0 type day, keep that shit up
Man some big action is really driving these home favs lines very soft. Houston on B2B... wonder how they were last year on those situations... anyone know?

Seattle should handle LAL pretty easily... Lakers played a very average game against GS on the road. GS just shot about 12% from 3 and got outrebounded by almost 2-1.
Also BAR.. remember last Nov when Rockets had a hangover after a Dallas win?

No way Alston can put the same defensive out on the court against Wade.. The Pistons handled the Rockets after they playe the Mavs well... hopefully NOK is good enough to do the same.
Let me ask you about a different game. Spurs at Knicks. They will make Spurs playing in fourth game in 5 nights a road fav with their terrible record in b=b. Now I am 1-2 betting against the Spurs so I have to wonder about my objectivity here. If Spurs are 5 or greater favorites who do you like?
Excellent call on your Lion's tonight BAR. Wishing I would've discussed that game with you as I ended up tailing the Falcons 7.5 points to a +3 and losing (only game I lost in a 5 game teaser).

Do you have msn?
Matt I do have MSN. I will log on in a bit. I have your contact on there so we should be all set.

Orlando was to good to be true. Nice win by the Horynets. Seattle looks solid. Can break even in NBA and got myself a2-0 NFL day...always cause for celebration.

Tuck, I haven't looked at tomorrow's card yet but I see a semi bounce back for NY. This is a Spurs team that is dreadful on B2B' you said...4in5 situation..
Orlando is a lil overrated.. I didnt like them losing deshawn stevenson. Like i said to u bar my hawks will be undervalued.. i forgot what their season win total prediction was but i like them to get in the low to mid 30's.

They will be better once marvin gets back.. but picking up speedy helps. Joe Johnson is the most underrated guy in the league.
SportsNut said:
Keen eye picking out SA tmrw...great fade spot...

I was thinking that as well, not sure if I can bring myself to playing the Knicks against a solid defensive team though.

I am leaning towards the Wizards tomorrow over the Magic.
thats what makes this hard...putinng money on the worse team. Worked out well for the Phins today though.
It's a good situation for the Knicks... the best they'll ever have to cover... but for some reason it seems off to me... Spurs are superior to them in every way... Spurs give more points here off a B2B than they did vs. TOR? I don't think the books value TOR more than NYK in their home opener. I can't see how the Knicks could possibly win this game... so it will probably be a no play... eventually Spurs can cover on a B2B.