Sunday NBA Playoff Discussion


Pretty much a regular
<TABLE cellSpacing=1 width=540 bgColor=#cccccc><TBODY><TR><TD class=dataheader width=540 colSpan=10>NBA PLAYOFFS - FIRST ROUND
Sunday, April 26th
</TD></TR><TR><TD class=datasubheaderleft2 width=35>Time</TD><TD class=datasubheader width=40>Gm #</TD><TD class=datasubheader width=120>Team</TD><TD class=datasubheader width=75>Score</TD><TD class=datasubheader width=60>Opener</TD><TD class=datasubheader width=60>Hilton</TD><TD class=datasubheader width=60>5Dimes</TD><TD class=datasubheader width=60>ABC Island</TD></TR><TR class=scores-whitebg><TD class=scores-whitebg-left>04/26
10:00a</TD><TD class=scores-whitebg>527
528</TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-team> BOSTON
CHICAGO</TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-team><TABLE padding-left="5"><TBODY><TR><TD class=scores-whitebg-team-bb>
</TD><TD> </TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-team-bb>
</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-right>200
</TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-right>200½
3 </TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-right>200
3 </TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-right>200
3 </TD></TR><TR class=scores-greybg><TD class=scores-greybg-left>04/26
12:30p</TD><TD class=scores-greybg>529
530</TD><TD class=scores-greybg-team> CLEVELAND
DETROIT</TD><TD class=scores-greybg-team><TABLE padding-left="5"><TBODY><TR><TD class=scores-greybg-team-bb>
</TD><TD> </TD><TD class=scores-greybg-team-bb>
</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD><TD class=scores-greybg-right>8
</TD><TD class=scores-greybg-right>8½
177 </TD><TD class=scores-greybg-right>8½
177 </TD><TD class=scores-greybg-right>8½
177 </TD></TR><TR class=scores-whitebg><TD class=scores-whitebg-left>04/26
3:35p</TD><TD class=scores-whitebg>531
532</TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-team> ORLANDO
PHILADELPHIA</TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-team><TABLE padding-left="5"><TBODY><TR><TD class=scores-whitebg-team-bb>
</TD><TD> </TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-team-bb>
</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-right>4
</TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-right>4
191 </TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-right>4
191 </TD><TD class=scores-whitebg-right>4
191 </TD></TR><TR class=scores-greybg><TD class=scores-greybg-left>04/26
6:05p</TD><TD class=scores-greybg>533
534</TD><TD class=scores-greybg-team> PORTLAND
HOUSTON</TD><TD class=scores-greybg-team><TABLE padding-left="5"><TBODY><TR><TD class=scores-greybg-team-bb>
</TD><TD> </TD><TD class=scores-greybg-team-bb>
</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD><TD class=scores-greybg-right>182
</TD><TD class=scores-greybg-right>182
4½ </TD><TD class=scores-greybg-right>182
4½ </TD><TD class=scores-greybg-right>182
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FWIW Big Al said he kinda likes 76ers at 4.5 Joe
, that might be enough
At this point, I'd have to think everybody and their mother knows that Yao Ming is finally getting out of the 1st round in his 5th try, which makes the Rockets ml for game 4 suprisingly high from my pov. Game 3 was simply not as close as the final score suggests - Portland led 4-2 then never led again.

Yao coming off a couple of offensively negligible games as well, understandably off his insane game 1. I'd expect him to be more at the forefront again Sunday.
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Also, I'm with BC. What the f**k is with this Houston line?

It was 5.5 the other day, something the absolutely should have covered. Now, after not really adjusting lines in every other series, they come 'down' on this line?

BC, do you still have a sticky somewhere about NBA playoff elimination games?

I swear I remember seeing something like that before.
Ya I saw the Rockets/Portland first half and I'm surprised by that Rockets line, although I guess Portland could have possibly figured out what to do 4th Quarter but can Steve Blake do that again?

NBA playoffs are cool to me now that I realize how different they are then any other sport
Also, I'm with BC. What the f**k is with this Houston line?

It was 5.5 the other day, something the absolutely should have covered. Now, after not really adjusting lines in every other series, they come 'down' on this line?


Would this not be that BOS and PHIL covered the unadjusted lines so they left them the same and since HOU could not cover the 6 they hang 4.5 out there????

CLEV line has certainly adjusted as they look to sweep B.A.R.'s once powerful club to the links early (sorry BIG Al)?
i'm thinking the HOU line dropped because they didn't cover.

...i can see a lot more action on POR being the 4-seed and someone who just sees a box score and not the collapse from h-town.

...i really like PHI again today, I feel like they're not getting much respect even though i still think they're going to win this series

also pissed i missed out on the 1st elimination-game under victory
If they dropped that Houston line because they didn't cover the 5.5/6, I like Houston all the more.

Not that any team except Cleveland looks like they know how to hold a lead, though.
regarding the Houston line opening lower- its just how they set lines:
the lower seeded team goes up 2-1 and the line should reflect in game 4 the higher seeded team to put up a better performance to gain back HCA
saw it with Orlando, Houston, Miami
essentially they are making it more expensive to back the higher seeded/better team in a must win to regain HCA