SUNDAY MORNING COFFEE--Week 12 Review and Week 13 Line Predictions

RJ Esq

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301 bowling green
302 toledo
309 boston college
310 miami florida

311 northern illinois
312 eastern michigan

313 ohio
314 miami ohio

315 kent state
316 ball state

317 texas am
318 texas

319 central michigan
320 buffalo

321 western michigan
322 akron

323 lsu
324 arkansas

325 tulane
326 tulsa

327 colorado
328 nebraska

329 oregon
330 oregon state

331 air force
332 unlv

333 fresno state
334 louisiana tech

335 south florida
336 west virginia

337 kentucky
338 tennessee

339 wake forest
340 maryland

341 east carolina
342 north carolina state

343 syracuse
344 rutgers

345 kansas
346 missouri

347 north carolina
348 duke

349 uab
350 central florida

351 san diego state
352 new mexico

353 oklahoma
354 oklahoma state

355 smu
356 rice

357 new mexico state
358 utah state

359 marshall
360 so mississippi

361 florida
362 florida state

363 byu
364 utah

365 mississippi state
366 mississippi

367 san jose state
368 idaho

369 arizona state
370 arizona

371 tcu
372 colorado state

373 cincinnati
374 connecticut

375 louisville
376 pittsburgh

377 georgia tech
378 georgia

379 virginia
380 virginia tech

381 south carolina
382 clemson

383 notre dame
384 usc

385 memphis
386 utep

387 boise state
388 nevada

389 purdue
390 hawaii

391 troy
392 mid tennessee state

393 arkansas state
394 ul - lafayette

395 florida international
396 florida atlantic

397 north texas
398 ul - monroe
Bowling Green
Toledo -8.5

BC -6

NIU -4

Ohio -5.5

Ball State -1

Texas -10
Texas A&M

CMU -11

WMU -2

LSU -2.5
Arkansas (go ahead and scream at me folks)

Tulsa -14

Nebraska -12.5

Oregon State -5

Air Force -7

Fresno State -7
La Tech

WV -20

Tennessee -10

MD -4


Rutgers -18

Missouri -3

UNC -2

UCF -4

New Mexico -9

Oklahoma -10

Rice -3.5

Utah St -3

USM -7.5

Florida -10 (too big?)

BYU -8.5

Miss State
Ole Miss -3

SJSU -4.5

Arizona State
Arizona -6

TCU -10

Cincinnati -5

Louisville -13

GT -3.5

Va Tech -14

Clemson -9.5

Notre Dame
USC -8.5

UTEP -17

Boise State -6.5
Nevada Reno

Hawaii -12, non-conference Rainbow games are always tough lines to make

MTSU -7.5

Arkansas State
ULL -2

FAU -9

UL-Monroe -5.5
All I know is I'm all OVER LSU and FSU ml's

FSU and LSU will stomp the shit out of the Gators and Razorbacks, respectively...believe that

That being said, I'd like to contribute to this thread on those two games...

Arkansas -5

Florida -11
Florida State

Final Score IMO of both games...

Arkansas - 13
LSU - 31

Florida - 17
Florida State - 24
everythingthatsgreen said:
FSU can score 24?
Wait, they scored 28 this weekend. Oh yeah, it was Western Michigan and they stomped the shit out of them. A dominating 28-20.
everythingthatsgreen said:
FSU can score 24?


When posting, I stated that...then I got to the bottom where I decided to put my prediction and put 28-21 or something like that...then I FSU can't score I put the 24 :an_roll_laugh:

But that's beside the point, bet U of FLA if you want...but just realize that this game IS Florida States season...and you cannot argue with me one way or another that they don't get up for every big game they are in...I look for a hard fought game that COULD be very high scoring :cheers:
I'm ok with LSU...but have you seen FSU play this season? They really GOT UP against Wake Forest in a game that was pretty important for their season...really GOT UP against BC....
What do you guys think of the BC line? I am slightly surprised at the 4/4.5 as I thought it would be closer to 6. Interested in any thoughts anyone has on that one.

Personally, I am waiting on the following to be released..
CMU (hoping for 11 or less)
UNC (hoping for 6 or less)
BYU (hoping for 13 or less)
HAW (hoping for 14 or less)
NEV (hoping to get 8 or more)
SJSU (hoping for 6 or less)
A few more hopes and wishes..

ECU (hoping to get 8 or more)
TCU (hoping for 6 or less)
OHIO (hoping for 4 or less)
NIU (hoping for 4 or less)
Decided to lock it at BC -3.5 121 as I think Miami just wants to get this season over with so they can move on from all the turmoil and everything, from Pata's passing to the coaching situation. If BC jumps out to an early lead, this one could get ugly as the fans will turn on the Canes big time.

Best of luck in week 13!
I would tread lightly on Ohio....they're off a big emotional win, have everything wrapped up and virtually playing for nothing (ala CMU) is a rivalry game which actually makes it an ever tougher spot @ Miami...

I don't think it's a good spot to lay pts situationally at all...
MAC Dogs were 4-1 with 3 SU winners last week. I wouldn't lay points with any of them!

Unders were 5-0 last week as well
Seeing very little I really feel like betting on this week. Probably just gonna chill out til Bowl Season. Very happy with my +25 unit season so far-don't need to jeopardize it by forcing things. Lines are ou tnow though-what are your thoughts?
UNC -6 119 (this one was 5.5 117 and in the blink of an eye the line switched on me before I could hit submit. Man, I hate when that happens haha)

BYU -11 121 (this is the one I locked in before UNC, so I hope that doesn't burn me later as I expected both to jump but couldn't get both plays submitted fast enough)

Ohio -3 124 (In MAC games, I don't like laying the 3.5, so willing to pay to get 3 just to be safe. More of a psychological thing, especially since the last few weeks have been more stressful than I would have liked haha)

BC -3.5 121 (already noted above)

Leans that fell off list...
SJSU is a couple points too high for me
CMU is a lot higher than I hoped
Hawaii at 17 was worth a second glance but I decided against it
NIU on the road vs a pesky EMU team, didn't wanna lay the 7.5..the juice jumped like 40 cents for a 1 pt buy so nevermind
TCU way too high
ECU not getting anywhere near what I had hoped
Nevada only getting, was hoping for more, no value in that line for me

All lines courtesy of Pinnacle between 0-3 mins after open, give or take a second or two. Pinny lines came out about a min after betcris tonight so it was interesting to see the cris lines first and then Pinnys.

I thought I would get more than +3 with Nevada and I thought Hawaii would be closer to -14.

I am going to wait on South Carolina line, I know Pinny had it at -4 and it has rose to -6 already, I would like to get +7 or more here and than I will take a long look at it..

Va Tech is laying a lot to an improving UVA team imo, +18, Line might rise a little too..

BC -4.5 I am looking at..

BYU -12.5, Like this under 2 td
Like the SJSU line once it gets to 5.5. It is dropping fast, so I will wait to see if I can catch it at the precise moment before it goes back up. I think the Spartans will take care of business against a deflated Idaho team that had a shot to have this game mean something if they would have showed up yesterday vs Fresno, but now I think SJSU will really focus on the running game which has been lacking the last few weeks.
everythingthatsgreen said:
I thought I would get more than +3 with Nevada and I thought Hawaii would be closer to -14.

I am going to wait on South Carolina line, I know Pinny had it at -4 and it has rose to -6 already, I would like to get +7 or more here and than I will take a long look at it..

Va Tech is laying a lot to an improving UVA team imo, +18, Line might rise a little too..

BC -4.5 I am looking at..

BYU -12.5, Like this under 2 td

I like the UVA +18 too, especially with Brandon Ore out with a high ankle sprain. UVA is 5-6. They are also playing for a Bowl Game. They would 5-3 in the ACC with a win. This should be 17-9 type Hokie win IMO.
Why should BC be more then -3 here? What have they accomplished on the road thi sseason? I guess people are playing catch up after teh Maryland game maybe? Iwouldnt say Miami has quit think they oplayed 4 of last 5 on the road and biggest loss was probably 10 points. The offense continues to make costly turnovers but at home that is always less likely to happen IMO. The D is so hard to score on ifthey score 17 is that enough to cover ? I doubt it.....

I think BC is basically the equivalent to VaTech who was -3 and got bet down to -1 and barely won @ Miami. Last home game of theyear trying to get to 500. I dont believe college kids quit that often since they only getto play 40 games if that in there careers. Personally I feel anything over -3 is very strong value on Miami here and +180 is well worth a shot. Winning is tough to do on the road and BC is 1-2 with a narrow win over FSU who again is probably a carbon copy of Miami.

GL but I really like Miami here in this spot