Sunday Action......


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Updated records in a bit...made a bit of a comeback yesterday..had some great ones...some bad ones and one that just pissed me

Here they are...sorry no writeups..I will try and analyze more in a bit if time permits..

Tailing Hunt the first half killa on this one. I thought i put this in last night when I played others but apparently not as I lost a point but still like. Check Hunt's thread for thoughts.

Louisville 1H -12.5 -110 1 unit

Ole Piss -3 -114

Baylor +7 +105

I see Baylor is back to 6 and the hook now...glad I didn't wait. Ole Piss seems like a popular play..but I still like it.

all one unit..Baylor should be a good one.:cheers:
GL had some awesome calls yesterday, good to get this going again.
I'm on Baylor as well. Got'em at +7, -105.....where did you get that +105? Nice work!!!
Pinny had that yesterday SMH.

I also played Baylor again with local for a unit.

+7 -110

Baylor is the doozy play today!
yeah..bad start but time to go..need to stem the tide here

Bears are looking better and better IMO
well..losing day..

0-1-1 -4.10 units..UL looks like its gold for that will cut down to 1-1-1 -2.1

Still think Baylor was a solid call.mistakes...blown assignment on 3rd and 15 gets TCU a 84 yard and learn