Sunday 12/3 - The Chicago Bears


Wicked, Mean, Evil and Nasty
On Nov 5, 2006 the CHICAGO BEARS FANS witnessed, at home,
the Dolphins BEAT their team.

On Dec 3, 2006.....they will look for some sort of redemption (if you will).
I say they will get it.

I could also go on about the poor performance of the Vikes.
But why?

I look for the BEARS to cover the 9.

home team covers, in recent history.
should be in an interesting game. two excellent defenses. it'll come down to which QB has the more pathetic day. my bet would be you're on the right side.
I decided to go with CHI also and is the only favorite I'm betting on for the morning games. I'm fading dogs like BUF, TEN, SF, DET, and CLE on my other plays. I think Grossman bounces back and the Bears defense will be too much for the Vikings pitiful offense. It should be fairly low scoring and end up something like Bears 20 and Vikes 6. BOL today :cheers:
Thanks everyone & Good Luck !!!


IND Team Total OVER 27

SF 49ers +8.5

NE -12 (bought hook)
How can I stay off of this one?????
Of course, my opinion is a little biased.....but so be it.
Lots of trash talking in NY from Shockey & the Giants.
It will be very thrilling to see the Cowboys continue the
course they're on and in doing so, shut the Giants up.
Lots of history between these 2 teams, but I'm hoping this game will
be more about the future than history. The trash talk about Da Boys not hitting on D will/should be put to rest today and I'm hoping (and betting) that it will be the Giants Defense that will rubbing their head and scratching their ass as the Cowboy offense delivers some blows as well.
Some say It's too bad that Tony Romo has been thrust into the spotlight, when it comes to doing what we do.....which is finding value in a line and try
to profit from it. We know that all lines are set in accordance with public perception. This should be a bigger line if it were being set soley on Team Ability & merit, even with Dallas playing on the road, in NY.
They can't set the line higher because they would not get the action as evenly on both sides. Not even close. There are far more sports bettors that would say they have a dislike for the Cowboys than the the Giants.
So....I say that the current hoop-la on T Romo is actualy a counterbalance and that puts the VALUE in the -2.5 & -3.
I'd love to be bold and post the 3.5, but we're still talking about money here.........nothing wrong with a little insurance.

I like Dallas to win by 11 points.

I'll take Dallas -2.5 -130

Go Cowboys !

Need the Bears to hold the Vikes from a backdoor
at the 2 minute warning.
Need CHI & DAL to come out ahead (both BIG plays).

Lets go Bear DEFENSE !!!!

Howabout that Longhorn Vince Young !!!!!! WOW !
All right, we got the win thanks to that late fumble by the Vikes.:cheers: I was looking for the :moose: .