Soccer guys... Paul Dalglish


Sorry to drop names but Paul just came over to the MLS and the Houston Dynamo. He's from Scotland and we took him out the other night and introduced him to the night life of Houston.

Anyway has anyone seen this guy play in England and how good is he since he should bolster the attack up front with Ching?

On a side note I'm a little young so I had no idea how big his pops Kenny was or that his sister Kelly is the hottie on Sky Sports. Supposedly his pops is one of the greatest Liverpool players ever which is part of the reason he came over here to get out of his shadow.

Definitley waiting for his sis to come visit him.

SHSUHorn, Kenny Dalglish was one hell of a player! His son, I don´t know, never seen him play...but then again, I´m not from England.
He was last playing in the Scootish Premeir league I believe. Anyway he told me its a pain in the ass when all anyone wants to talk about is his sister and father lol.
His pops was indeed an excellent player, but when it comes to being a Manager he had 2 successful teams in Liverpool and Blackburn, other than that, i think he just lost interest
His pop was indeed a great player and manager, the son, not so much ;)

He started his career as a youth player with Celtic and Liverpool, but were never good enough to play for either side. Dad brought him over to Newcastle later, but he only scored once in 14 games.

Got loaned out to Norwich 1999 and scored 17 goals in 3 years. Spent a lot of time after that being loaned out to a number of smaller teams and I actually thought he was retired.

I googled some, and he played for a Scottish side (smaller), doing fairly well and moved to Hibernian where he did poorly before joining the Dynamo.
Dad was the man.

Paul never did shit, in England. Think he had a few games at Newcastle.

And Sky Sports has a lot better looking bitches than his sis. Still pretty nice though.
I have always liked Di Stewart:



I guess she's on 'news' more than sports...
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LOL. thanks for the replies guys. Paul actually told me this is his last chance in the MLS to do anything and for once he's going to take it seriously. He's looked good so far with Houston.

Anyway guy is very cool and hilarious cat so root for him to do well.
Yeah, I'll root for him based on what his dad did for 'Pool!

I'm sure he will be a good addition to the squad if he can stay away from the frosty pints ;)