smoke in boise?


Pretty much a regular
Word is there are some smoke issues with local forest fires.

Consider this in your wagering this eve.

.......i heard it from a guy. no sense on how reliable this info is, but some googling reveals several forest fires out there. Anyone in the area confirm or deny this?
well, they just mentioned it..."hot and smokey night due to fires in the area"

course, they also just declared that Oregon St would try to win behind their PLACE KICKER.

so who knows....
serna did miss those field goals but then became very good, winning the groza award (best ncaa kicker) last year.
ugh. Beavers have to figure out some way to stop that tailback. 3 TD in first 18 minutes. And now a crappy punt. My 8 points aren't looking too shiny right now.
There's smoke alright.

The Beavers beavers are getting smoked! Horrific defense.

OSU is playing with no passion whatsoever. Stick a fork in this one.
i don't stick a fork in anything with 24 minutes left, but it ain't lookin good for my under, that's for sure.