Shula done at Alabama

WOW...SMH @ this decision

Shula will get a good job somewhere, they should have given him 1 more year with his players nearly all returning...

Really can't believe this, look what the man did last year
The guy is a joke.. how many top 25 games did he win? He lost every big game.. the offense continued to sputter.. he was lucky he made it this far imho. ( Im an Alabama Alum as well )..

Losing to miss st at home, should get you fired on the spot.
How many schools have you attended? Bama, UGA, USC (so cal), and USC (Cock) and who knows how many other teams you are supposedly the number 1 fan for
Off the Alabama Sports wire

Names of possible coaches to replace Shula have included some of the hottest names in coaching circles, including South Carolina head Coach Steve Spurrier, Louisville's Bob Petrino, Oklahoma's Bob Stoops, Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer and Miami Dolphins Coach Nick Saban.
Wolfpack17 said:
How many schools have you attended? Bama, UGA, USC (so cal), and USC (Cock) and who knows how many other teams you are supposedly the number 1 fan for
Not sure what you are talkin about?

Went to bama and uga undergrad.. and im in college in charleston now post grad :shake: I like Southern Cal.. Anything else?
of course we have a coach lined up. You don't fire your whole staff without a contract ready to be signed. But, i dont know who it is. No way Saban is coming, though. What reason would he have, especially after the Dolphin's last few weeks. I guess it could be any of the others. I really don't know. I do know that we will probably have the highest paid coach in college sports next year (if the boosters get what they want).
and to captain. The man really didnt do anything last year. We had the best defense in football. I mean look at what Dameco Ryans is doing all by himself in Houston. Joe Kines did great, and Shula leaned on that all year, almost losing quite a few games doing so. This year wasnt so different, we lost 3 games on 3 plays, and last year we won 3 games on 3 plays.

just look at Shula's record vs. Tennesee, Auburn, and LSU. That will get any coach in the country fired (meaning so many losses to rivals).
Shula Deserved to be fired. Plain and simple. Hes not a head coach.. he blew so many close games with poor coaching and time management. JPW will be an nfl qb.. hopefully they bring in someone who can call plays, I also hope prothro is healthy next year
I really like JPW as well, and think he had a good year. What killed Bama this year imo was their inability to score once they got in the red zone. At one point before the LSU game I know they were leading the SEC in red zone trips but their conversion rate was horrible. That and no pressure on the QB from Kines defense really hurt them this year. Loss of Prothro was huge as well and I felt like they never got their running game going as well as they should have. Not much tolerance for a bad year down in Bama, coupled with losing 5 straight to Auburn and losing to Miss St. at home probably sealed the deal.
I'd be interested in hearing what's going down, keep us posted if you don't mind.
from the first 2 minutes of this thing, it sounds like there won't be a new coach announced, this is just a bybye shula thing
Alabama has a large "casual" fan base here in Hawaii because they are a big name that played Hawaii three times the last couple of years....

As a casual Alabama fan.....all i can say is good riddance.....Shula held back a talent laden team......

He was such a conservative coach.....If Bama was my team i woulda killed myself the way they lost some games.......
[FONT=arial, helvetica]Alabama coaching candidates[/FONT]​
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Candidates are presented in alphabetical order.
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Frank Beamer
Age - 60
Current position - Virgina Tech 1987-present
Overall record - 146-79-2
Career highlights - 9 coach of the year awards / 4 conf titles
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Jim Grobe
Age - 54
Current position - Wake Forest 2001-present
Overall record - 34-33
Career highlights - 1 acc title game
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Paul Johnson
Age - 49
Current position - Navy 2002-present
Overall record - 28-21
Career highlights - 3 bowl games / coach of the year
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Houston Nutt
Age - 49
Current position - Arkansas 1998-present
Overall record - 63-47
Career highlights - 1998 coach of the year / 6 bowl games / 2 sec divison titles
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Bobby Petrino
Age - 45
Current position - Louisville 2003-present
Overall record - 39-9
Career highlights - 1 bowl win / Conference USA title / highest ranking in school history
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Rich Rodriguez
Age - 43
Current position - West Virgina 2001-present
Overall record - 45-22
Career highlights - 3 shares of Big East title / BCS bowl / Highest rank in school history
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Nick Saban
Age - 55
Current position - Miami Dolphins 2005-present
Overall record (college) 91-40-1
Career highlights - 9 bowls / 1 national title
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Greg Schiano
Age - 40
Current position - Rutgers 2000-present
Overall record - 19-39
Career highlights - 1 bowl game / Highest rank in school history
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Steve Spurrier
Age - 61
Current position - South Carolina 2005-present
Overall record - 156-52-2
Career highlights - 1 national title / 7 conf titles
[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Name - Jeff Tedford
Age - 45
Current position - California 2002-present
Overall record - 33-17
Career highlights - 3 bowl games / pac 10 coach of the year

this came off
That's quite a nice list there. Glad to see Grobe get some recognition, he really deserves it.
I live in Tuscaloosa , lots of people think he should have been given 1 more year... i do too ...I`m not a tide fan but since i live hear i hear about them 24/ 7 365 a year ...personally, they should go with a younger canidate ....someone who can be around 10 + years .....bama needs some stability....
SteelBucsFan said:
I live in Tuscaloosa , lots of people think he should have been given 1 more year... i do too ...I`m not a tide fan but since i live hear i hear about them 24/ 7 365 a year ...personally, they should go with a younger canidate ....someone who can be around 10 + years .....bama needs some stability....

i live in bham...and all the clowns here think we should get rush propst from hoover high schooll also known as the head coach on two a days on mtv...i thinks its funny.....

bama will get jeff tedford from california!!!
Teford is overrated as well.. how many big games has cal won besides that one game a few years ago when they miraculousy beat usc..
1 more year would have been no good. Shula was under heavy pressure all season, and he didnt take it well. thats why he got the boot, because of his lack of ability to step up and beat the pressure. in fact, it got to him so bad that it made him make terrible decisions (ie going for two at the end of the 1st half in a huge momentum spot - who the FUCK does that??)

The thing is, the pressure would been the same all offseason and even greater next season. Naturally he wouldnt all of the sudden become better at handling it. So he had to go.
i dont want tedford...i want bobby bowden and joe paterno to team up and come to bama...hahah...we have lots of talent hidden ,somebody with balls and trickiness would be the key..
Just heard that Spurrier was spotted playing golf at North River Yacht Club in Tuscaloosa yesterday. Very interesting......
Yeah I just heard the salary will be from 3 - 4 million a year and Spurrier is thinking he can rent a plane when he wants to play at Augusta.

Yesterday guy says no way Spurrier is leaving now he is saying how can he not leave. Just great.

Oscar Meyer taking over in Florida

And now Spurrier in Bama?

Not to mention that RB farm hidden in the auburn area

At least we got LES MILES.....I sure hope BAMA doesn't steal him away.
Spurrier to USC Players: "You're Stuck With Me"


Steve Spurrier

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(Columbia) - USC head coach Steve Spurrier told his players Thursday afternoon that he's not leaving.

Spurrier met with the team Thursday in a previously scheduled closed-door meeting. A source close to the team told News19's Matt Barrie that Spurrier told the players that he came to Columbia, "to do things that had never been done before, including winning an SEC title," and that he's "not leaving until that's done."

He reportedly jokingly told them, "some of you might not like me, but you're stuck with me."

Some t.v. stations and newspapers in Alabama continued to report Thursday that Crimson Tide officials were saying that Spurrier had agreed to at least listen to an offer from them. The report says he agreed to meet with Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore, who was expected to offer Spurrier the Crimson Tide job. The report says Spurrier would have to accept or decline the offer at that meeting.

Meanwhile, The State Newspaper is reporting that USC is in negotiations with Spurrier to offer him a more lucrative contract. reports Spurrier's salary is approximately $1,300,000. That's the seventh highest in the SEC, if you count Alabama's Mike Shula, who was fired. View Steve Spurrier's Current Contract
Even though i don't think Spurrier is coming to tuscaloosa, no bigtime coach would say they were leaving until the deal was closed, no matter what was going on.