Sept 18th - Swedish Elitserien

I have 5.5 across the board at Pinnacle, but not sure where I'll go for the 1st round. I think I'll just keep my Farjestad play, as I feel very confident in that.

Gun to my head, all the games, or at least 2 out of 3 should go over...

I'll be listening to the game online... will update with results... (sorry, it's in Swedish only):spank:
The radio is saying that both keepers have been playing well, just the break away and the PP.
1st period over Farjestad/Lulea. Farjestad has all the play so far, but can't get the puck across the line... only a matter of time...
Leionen in Luleas goal is playing great... Farjestad is pushing the defenders onto his lap now...
booing in the stands in Karlstad... like I said, they are not all that nice if the home team is not performing well... :spank:
yup, first shot after taking the puck in on the PP, 20 secs, Farjestads defenders blocked the own keeper... very sloppy play
Leinonen with 2 more unreal saves... he is keeping Farjestad scoreless all by himself. He is not getting a lot of help from his defenders
yeah... know what you mean...

booing in the stands more frequent now... I think Lulea has had 10-ish icings the last 5 mins
Very few penalties so far... even with the rule changes...

and just as I type this... Farjestad will go on the PP.