.-=Semcon/Mensas Status Only=-. MNF

who covers

  • denver -5.5 ish

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • ravens +5.5 ish

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
this is fuckin' bullshit....

i hope everyone realizes that the last 2 mensa/sem polls had NO consensus!!! fuck!!!! the last mnf had NO consensus (yet the % leader won, but cant go into record according to the rules)

fuck you all!!!! (except for the 18 who voted)
i am going to omit some of the votes as the ORIGINAL purpose for the mensa/semcon poll was to gain the votes from only particular people. if you have to ask if you are one of the people i am interested in hearing from, you are probably not. your tears are delicious.

current poll WITH omitance:

denver -5.5 ish : 7

ravens +5.5 ish: 4

i still am yet to see a few guys post: the actual semcon fuckers!!!
after looking at the other poll, i have an update...still no original semcon guys though:

this is more of a mensa poll than semcon, dont think any of you detroit fucks have voted, and, unless something crazy happens, w/ a 66% consensus, the poll looks to close with

denver ats
this is a great tool but we should not push it to where people just vote to vote so let things happen as they do and this will be useful to use each and every game good work "mensa don" w/ the fuck that means you krazykansasmfer
troy, anybody can just post up a voting thread, there is another one posted right now...but this one must be separated as there is a difference in what i'm looking for
looks like a 12-12 split.

SEMCON says denver will cover, refs will bow down to tha power of SEMCON!