Saturday's Plays - NBA

reNew Orleans

Clubbin' with Rasual Butler
YTD: 74-55-3 +38.84 Units
ATS: 34-29-2 +.14 Units
Totals: 35-18-1 +32.65 Units
ML: 1-0 +2.0 Units
ML Dog: 5-11 -0.86 Units
Parlay: 1-2 +6.85 Units

3-6 +2.16 Units yesterday. Later plays were nothing but trouble.

Locked in a few plays for tomorrow

Houston Rockets @ Washington Wizards OVER 193 - 2 Units for 2.24 Units
Houston Rockets @ Washington Wizards -1 - 1 Unit for 1.05 Units
Sold it from 192 to 193. Also sold from +1 to -1 Wiz. Who cares if the Rockets are playing in this. The Wizards are at home and full of confidence after two road wins. Houston is playing their 4th game in 5 days so they've got to be tired or will tire out allowing for more points without their stout D. Houston have had some problems stopping teams who rely more on shooting this year especially on the road, giving up 90+ point games in the majority of their away games. High scoring game and a Rockets over finally. Wizards confident I just feel they win.

Los Angeles Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies UNDER 186.5 - 3.21 Units for 3
Memphis likes to slow it down when they can... so do the Clipps. Heres your game for the Under. Both have been going over and want to go back to their style of play and slow it down and play some defense.

Denver Nuggets @ Dallas Mavericks UNDER 211 - 1.10 Units for 1
Dallas will shut down Denver after their last game versus Detriot. It has been evident this year that the Mavs can play defense and we've seen the Nuggets can score less than 100, with that occuring in 3 of their last 6 games. Denver playing their 3rd game in 4 days with a B2B, 2nd game on the road. Other time that happened they played @ Orlando and pushed the total but Orlando is a good defensive team and that's what Dallas can be.

looking at Indiana/Cleveland Under 186.5, Dallas -7.5, Hornets/Warrios OVER 202.

Comments are welcome

GL to everyone!
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My first thought of the Houston Washington game is Houston, second thoughts are to stay away. I like both teams here for different reasons. Washington has been involved in high scoring games and Houston has been involved in low scoring games. So hopefully this game will be in a Washington style scoring game for your over bet. I kind of feel it's a game that could go either direction. It's a last of a three game road trip for Houston and finally Washington gets to come to a home game after a couple on the road. So they both have been playing consistently and traveling in the past week. Washington has been playing hot when they get into rythym. I am not quite sure how I would match these teams up at this point in the season other than anyones game. Good luck to us.
nice call on dallas/denver under. dallas should make the lower 100's and denver the lower 90's after last nights 120+ win.. thanks for your effort renew..
i like the wizards here too. Houston is the extreme square play in this one. Washington good at home. Also like the clippers to finally notch in a win on the road and the bucks to get the W against the knicks in MSG.
have hou/wash total of 88.5...grizz at 87.5 and dallas 213.5,, if i follow you getting better lines and should eb 3-0.. thoughts of why hous/wash, dropping so much?
MX - you are right, it's a toss up but thats why we gamble. thanks and GL

GoBucksIndy - lets get it done today

biggoob - thanks, trying to do my best. think we should hit this total

xgod - GL with the clipps and knicks, and hope the wiz bring it home

scrotum - if you insist, GL

eggnoggin - GL today, as usual. :shake:

farm - GL Farm :cheers:

beanbag - i just looked at the betting trends for those games and 93% of the public is on the under in houston/washington precisely for the reason its houston getting a total of 193. Same with dallas and denver, people are all over the over because both teams have high powered offenses. I am still seeing 186.5 though for the clippers/grizz. You can tail me if you want, but just to warn you I've been cold with my totals the past week or so. whatever you do GL today.
not necessarily tailing, more of making observations on the lines, and 2 of them are quite different.. just adding and getting .02 before i make a play if any.
my thought on hous/wash,, someone has to score 100 in this game, houston doesn't 100 and doesn't give up 100. just not sure where the points will come from..
I agree on the denv/dallas game,, last night denver didn't have a shot challenged and i think with camby rested (ejected in 1st qtr) his defense will help on the inside.