Saturday, November 4th NBA


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Friday up down and all around...won a bit over half unit(.59)

33-16-2 +16.29

Putting these up now. Played them all this afternoon. Have a long work-day and charity fundraiser tomorrow so will not be on all day except for maybe 10 minutes inbetween

I will try and provide indepth analysis at some point tonight..not sure..the scotch is going down pretty good right now.

Detroit -8 +100(2units)
Detroit -8 -101

Stons defense improved a bit tonight. Memphis is a BAD team no matter what happens tonight. I expect Detroit to win by 20. Love this play. Detroit doesn't extend starters anymore. Rested enough .mephis in middle of huge 4th.

Washington -7 +102
Washington -7 -114

Wizards off tough loss. Gilbert will be much better. Should be a good crowd at phone booth. Boston showed me tonight they suck. Wash with rest

LA Clippers -4 +101

Four in five for Suns. Revenge game. Clips played some good defense at times in Denver game. Offense is coming around. Tim Thomas still making plays.

GL all.
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Wish I snagged that Clippers line before it went off the board. I thought about it earlier, but I didn't feel like hamstringing myself in case I found a good college play for tomorrow. Which I haven't. Oh well. Best of luck. I got most of what you have.
agree with the clips for 2morrow. i expect a big game from maggette, they missed having him healthy for the first game
plays look good, waiting on these last two games to lock in some plays but i completely agree with you.
will add 1 unit on LAC when line comes back out.

Utah GS under will be play as well...will update before late game tomorow..have a good fellas
Austin...I do agree with that notion. I will like Rockets a lot more in few weeks but this should be a Mavs win
Mo Clarette.......LMAO

Anywho, im thinking the public will be all over Minny, so much that i might, just might play Portland. God help me.

Just curious... unit size same as in CF?

I like all your plays and may just tail you on this smaller card... I can't believe we lost SEA after such a comeback... would have made for a great night.
looks good bar, only one of em i might be on is tha clipps. good luck today keep tha shit up

No opinion on Det and Wash. One thing that concerns me though is will Suns go down 1-3? Also seeing the clippers play at the moment, makes me wanna puke
Like Washington to get all over the Celts, and fast. Since half of last season, Was has been a tremendous first quarter team, especially at home.
Boston is off a mediocre 4th quarter and on b2b, and Was has too much offensive weapons for them to cover.

Was -2 (1st quarter).

Was looking towards the same play on the Stons, but hey, this team is never in a hurry...

GL to you and to all.
I didn't think the Rockets would blow out the Mavs, although I did think the Rockets would win (huge Rockets fan here). However, I though the Mavs could at least manage two more points!! I lost the Over 183.5 by a half point. I hate that!!

I ended the night on a down note after cleaning up with Hawaii in the 2H.