Saturday Midnight EST Degenerate Special: Idaho Vandals at Hawaii Warriors


Big Kahuna

- NMSU games marks the 7th straight Hawaii game (every game this year, including the IAA lined game) that if you had waited until game time and bet against the line movement you would have won……early bettors or so called “smart” money bettors who think they have easy lines must be getting slaughtered….

- Hawaii stands at 5-2 and has only one road game left at lowly Utah State. In my opinion, Hawaii will probably win out the rest of the year. Except for good games from Purdue and maybe Oregon State, Hawaii has a very real chance of finishing 11-2. By the time Purdue comes to town, Hawaii will be Top 25 at 9-2 (Hawaii is currently #35 in both major polls). You think Hawaii fans care? Yeah we do, but no matter how many more games we lose we will end up in our own Hawaii Bowl Game anyway, LOL.

Who really cares? BOISE STATE. Nobody is cheering louder and praying more for each Hawaii win more than them…..Boise state is going to go undefeated and needs Hawaii to crack the Top 25 for any chance of them getting into the BCS…..funny how enemies end up cheering each other on…….only in the world of the BCS…..

- Add Michigan State as the latest team to pussy out on a scheduled commitment of coming to Hawaii…..recent pussies include Texas and WVA….teams aren’t willing to stake their season on a lose – lose trip to Hawaii late in the season……Like his best friend Coach Pat Hill of Fresno State though, June Jones has adopted the “Play anyone, anywhere, anytime policy”…..catch Hawaii soon at Gainesville, Florida and Norman, Oklahoma…..

My Pick(s) and Reasons Why:

- Believe or not, last year’s meeting between these two was a defensive struggle, ending in a 24-0 Hawaii win. Both teams return a significant portion of those players involved in that game……there will be a lot of familiarity between these teams in matchups on offense and defense on both sides……..

- NMSU did to Hawaii what most teams did to Hawaii last year, and it appears every team forgot to do this year: Rush 3 and Drop 8 back in coverage. Drop 8 back, and make Hawaii run more and throw short….as a result, Hawaii ran an incredible 50/50 against NMSU. Coach June Jones noted that he expects every team Hawaii plays from now on to do this……Idaho is no defensive beast, but I expect Erickson to adopt this philosophy with more success than one of the worst defensive teams I have ever seen in NMSU… a result, Hawaii will have several 8+ play drives consuming the clock…….

- Idaho’s Coach Erickson has his team on the right track. Led by their running back tandem of Bird and Flowers, I expect Idaho to run as much as they can, to shorten the game (keep the clock running) and keep it close…..QB Wichman is more than capable of converting 3rd downs when he is needed to throw on Hawaii’s secondary…..

- This is a sandwich game for Hawaii (Utah State next week), between road trips…..and not just any road trip. Hawaii is coming off back to back wins on the road for the first time in 14 years….possible letdown?

- A couple of intangibles: Hawaii started out the season under the radar and a spread monster, Hawaii’s beat down of Fresno has put them on everyone’s radar. The oddsmakers have adjusted……the value now lies in whoever Hawaii plays. Also, the oddsmakers set the HIGHEST total of the college season in the NMSU game…..and it still went over with 8 minutes left in the game….the value lies in the Under…

For these reasons, I believe that well coached Idaho will make a game of this……and the only way they can is to keep the scoring under control……

Idaho +26 770 to win 700
Under 71 ½ 770 to win 700

Good luck in whatever you play…..

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Good Luck bro

The don
HG, you know where I'm at on this one.

Got a feeling that HI can make the number (35.5) at the HALF!
Hawaiiguy said:
thanks guys.....

wheezy i am a huge redskin fan, but for godsake they suck this year......pisses me off......

yea tell me about it. same old skins. take it easy dude, gl tonight
ouch? this literally like his first loss all year you clown.

I hope you feel good about yourself for winning a -26 bet in a game that was two teams going for 2nd place in the WAC.
Damn Hawaii is a scoring machine..Will be looking at that Utah St spread closely. If its under 24 I think I have to pull the trigger. This team is good for 50+ a week..
hawaiiguy, this is my fault. I tailed you for the first time this season. My shitty mojo of a amazingly horrible Saturday tainted this play.