Saturday 8.19 - Fondybadger's Plays - NFLx


CTG Partner
2006 NFL Overall 21-11-1 +$404
Faves 5-5 -$158
1H Fave 1-0 +$100
Dog 6-1-1 +$317
Over 0-1 -$55
Unders 9-4 +$200

$50 Miami +3
$50 Carolina 1H +.5
$75 Jaxs -1
$125 New England -3 -130
$100 Packers -3
$50 Steelers -2.5
$75 Houston +3
$75 Denver 1H -3 -120
$50 Denver -5.5

Got to run, have fun tonight...
Good luck with everything but the Packers, dude!!
damn 7-2? great job fondy, all u had to do was talk to me an i woulda talked u off pitt ;) only a few more weeks till tha real deal. college starts soon, cant fuckin wait
I was watching scoreboards last night, wasn't sure how I did because I forgot what I was all on... expected to be home before i went to the bars, so I didn't write down my shit to take with me.
Inspeckdah - I haven't gotten to it yet... was a long night last night and I was the DD... Just got my NASCAR plays posted, need to go over the later games in MLB and have some breakfast/lunch here and then I'll get to the NFL card.

Figure in 3 or 4 hours I'll have them up...