Sat CFB Fades and Smart money Plays


Awesomeitus Degenerate
YTD: 42-44 +2.82 units

Nice week last week going 9-5 and pulling my ass outta the red.

UNC +9, -110
Fade Play

Illinois +22, -110
Fade Play

OHIO +7, -110
Fade Play

OKIE ST +6, -105
Fade Play

Gonna add more....GL!
Nice job getting in the black bro....something tells me that Illy play is money...Wisky is due for a non cover on a big chalk...

against ya on the Bobcats...

GL today bro..
I'm against you on the Okie State play, smh, but good luck on the other 3. I know you will be adding more games as the day goes along, so good luck on those as well, dude!
Thanks to you today as well!


TEXAS TECH +10.5, -110
Fade and smart money play

NAVY +14, +100
Fade Play

Correlated P-lay risking 1 unit to win 2.6
BUFFALO +33 and UNDER 42.5
great line on navy, best i could get it at was 14 -110

good luck lets see a great day today killa. jump on aim when u get tha chance
With you on two of those " O's " , Ohio and Oregon St.
But I like nebraska.
Didn't have the gonads to play the Illini. Looking like gold for you.:shake:
Like wazzou as well SMH..looks like a sexy lil day you got going..

Nice job on the correlated parlay