The Prodigy
Season Record: 15-10-2 (+6.05 Units)
Week 1: 4-5-1 -1.65 Units
Week 2: 3-1-1 +4.60 Units
Week 3: 2-2-0 -1.05 Units
Week 4: 6-2-0 +4.15 Units
Sides (ATS): 9-9-3 - 1.55 Units
Sides (ML): 0-1 -1.65 Units
Totals: 3-0 +5.50 Units
Parlays: 2-0 + 4.00 Units
Teasers: 1-0 + 1.50 Units

had somewhat of a breakout week last week. Lost Arkansas by by 1/2 a point and lost/pushed notre dame by 1/2 a point, Oh well, still a great week overall. Will make plays as lines become available.

Official Play List

Auburn Tigers -14 (-115) 1 Unit L

Boise St. Broncos + 4 1/2 (-120, bought 1/2 pt) 2 Units W

Wisconsin Badgers -11 (-115) 2 Units W

Tennessee/Memphis Over 46 (-115) 1.5 Units W

Nebraska/Kansas Over 46 (-105) 1.5 Units W

San Jose St. Spartans +2 1/2 (-110) 1 Unit

Ben Olson (UCLA QB) Over 192 1/2 Passing Yards (-125) 1 Unit W
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South Carolina Gamecocks Under 7 Wins
(3-1, 1-1)

Wow, another cupcake. No chance vs. Auburn this week.

Alabama Crimson Tide Under 8 1/2 Wins
(3-1, 1-1)
Horrible kicking cost the Tide last week, although both them and the Razorbacks looked terrible. I was impressed by their QB though, still no shot in Gatorland this week.

UCLA Bruins Under 6 1/2 Wins
(2-1, 0-1)
EXPOSED. This team is really not good this season. They had a golden oppurtunity last week and they blew it. Much more confortable with this one now.

Louisville Cardinals Over 10 Wins
Louisville Cardinals To Win Big East Title 3/2
(4-0, 0-0)
Still haven't played a conference game yet, and thats a great thing. Waiting for the WVU game, I think Cantwell will hold down the fort until then.

Nebraska CornHuskers Over 8 1/2 Wins
Nebraska CornHuskers To Win Big XII Title 5/1
(3-1, 0-0)
Another blow out, should get revenge this week. Missouri emerging as a possible threat in the North, but I like this one a lot.
Auburn @ South Carolina
9/28/2006 7:45pm

A "tough" SEC road game for Auburn this week will hardly be a challenge. This South Carolina team is about to go up in flames, and I can easily see a shocked crowd leave after thursday night after seeing a much better Auburn team blow the cocks out. I dont like SC's chances on offense and Aburn should wear out the Gamecocks as the game goes on. I go a terrible line here, but I still like Auburns chances to make this a blow out. If I can get 13 or 13.5 (even if it involves buying down), I wll probably add more.

Pick: Auburn Tigers -14 (-115) 1 Unit
Boise St. Broncos @ Utah Utes
9/30/2006 4:00pm

I think the best team outside of the mid major conferences in Boise St. They have a very capable offense, and the defense is good enough, basically built like a solid Pac-10 team. When you compare these teams in performances agaisnt "real" squads, BSu vs oregon st. and utah vs. ucla (i put osu and ucla as equal in my book) you get two entirely different results. Yes I know BSU was at home and Utah was on the road, but still. I am convinced now that Utah's program is on the decline, and BSU's is still going strong. This is a huge game for BSU as they are fostering hopes for a BCS bid and this may be their biggest obstacle. I think they come ready to play, and usprisingly, Utah struggles to score. I think BSu has a great shot at winning, but 4 1/2 points seems very enticing.

PickL Boise St. Broncos + 4 1/2 (-120, bought 1/2 pt) 2 Units
RSMS9999 said:
too bad i just chedked the line, and it has moved to +5 -110

+5.5 at Pinny and I'm trying to figure out why. I want to play BSU, but want to figure out the line moves first.
Wisconsin Badgers @ Indiana Hoosiers
9/30/2006 12:00 pm

The early Big 10 games tend to bite me, but I think this one could be decent value. I don't know much about the Badgers this season but all signs seem to be pointing to a blowout against a completely inferior Indiana team. I think Indiana will wear down early and never put up much of a fight. I expect this spread to get to two touchdowns before kickoff.

Pick: Wisconsin Badgers -11 (-115) 2 Units
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with you on Boise, rsms. will prolly end up taking the over in the game too.

what are your thoughts on oregon this week? i already played them, and i'm still considering the over...especially if it comes down a couple pts.

I like Boise today a lot, even with the reverse line movement. However, I am actually very close to playing the under here. I think that BSU will run Ian Johnson all day and eat up a lot of clock. On the other side, I think Utah will underperform on offense. It looks too hard to tell to me though.

On Oregon, I was confident earlier but the sharp money on ASU has got me a little worried. I think that Both teams will score a ton of points. My worry here is that Carpenter will have a field day against our freshman cornerbacks. We already lost our best CB for the season and while the freshman have played well, Tempe is a different monster. People are making way to big a deal about our supposedly poor run defense, but Dwayne Wright and Adrian Peterson will run on everybody. I think ASU starts out trying to run the first couple of series, and then air it out and score a ton of points. While I think ASU will score, I also expect the ducks to put up a lot on ASU. I am predicting 38-35, so I think the OVer is the best play. Good luck witht the spread, oregon rarely loses off a bye.
***I never bet on anything involving Oregon.
next slate (is it just me or are the lines getting much tougher)

Tennessee @ Memphis
9/30/2006 12:00pm

For an instate rivalry game,this one should not be very close. I expect the Volunteers to open up the offense and score a ton of points in this one. Can Memphis stop the Vols here? NO. On the other side, Tennessee's defense has looked a little shaky the last few times out, and this will be the first time they wont have the crowd behind them. In a (kind of) rivalry game, Memphis at home should be good for a few points.

Pick: Tennessee/Memphis Over 46 (-115) 1.5 Units

Kansas @ Nebraska
9/20/2006 7:05pm

Simply, Kansas is in for a beating today. After last years debacle, I am looking for the Huskers to score plenty of points on this so called "tough" KU defense. I expect Nebraska to get close to 46 on its own, and hopefully Kansas will get some too. I think this is th egame where Nebrasksa opens it up. Considering NEB -23.5 and NEB Over 33.5, Playing...

Pick: Nebraska/Kansas Over 46 (-105) 1.5 Units

San Diego St. @ San Jose St.
9/30/2006 6:00pm

A game that nobody is talking about could ahve some good value here today. San Jose St. looks like they are actually showing improvemetn for the first time in years, with a win over (meager) Stanford and a close loss at (whatever is above meager) Washington. They are playing at home here and should be able to score some points. SDSU has been dissapointing on offense and have a slew on injuries to their best players, while SJSU is very healthy. I think that when this becomes a shootout, SDSU wone keep up. Only 1 unit because I am not an avid follower of these schools and do not know all that much.

Pick: San Jose St. +2 1/2 (-110) 1 Unit
money;unbelievable over by memphis/tennessee.

i guess those bad losses even out over time.

so close to pulling the trigger on the ALA/FLA over. Once i don't, Im pretty sure it becomes a lock.
leaning on a couple of props...

Georgia/Ole Miss First Score to be FG/Safety

Ben Olson Over 192 1/2 passing yards
Stanford Cardinal @ UCLA Bruins
9/20/2006 10:15pm

Stanford is a mess right now, plain and simple. They ahve absolutely no defense, and thier one dimensional offense is missing both of it's playmakers, making it a 0 dimensianal offense. This hsould be a comfortable UCLA victory, I think Ben Olson bounces back. Nothing like ruining a great day with overjuiced props, but here it is.

Pick: Ben Olson (UCLA QB) Over 192 1/2 Passing Yards (-125) 1 Unit
Great day, dude, and this is coming from an Oklahoma fan!!
Boise St. Broncos + 4 1/2 (-120, bought 1/2 pt) 2 Units W

Wisconsin Badgers -11 (-115) 2 Units W

Tennessee/Memphis Over 46 (-115) 1.5 Units W

Nebraska/Kansas Over 46 (-105) 1.5 Units W

San Jose St. Spartans +2 1/2 (-110) 1 Unit

Ben Olson (UCLA QB) Over 192 1/2 Passing Yards (-125) 1 Unit W
updated record

Season Record: 21-11-2 (+13.90 Units)
Week 1: 4-5-1 -1.65 Units
Week 2: 3-1-1 +4.60 Units
Week 3: 2-2-0 -1.05 Units
Week 4: 6-2-0 +4.15 Units
Week 5: 6-1-0 +7.85 Units
Sides (ATS): 12-10-3 +2.30 Units
Sides (ML): 0-1 -1.65 Units
Totals: 5-0 +8.50 Units
Parlays: 2-0 + 4.00 Units
Teasers: 1-0 + 1.50 Units
Props: 1-0 + 1.00 Units
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