Question Fellas (pac-10)


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why is everyone on oregon state -2.....i had this as az-6 and now everyone here is on the beavers. now i like beaver but christ this looks to easy for me. injuries,suspensions ?anyone want to make a case?
For one, Zona is riddled up the ying yang with injuries. Tuitama is probably a no go.

Situationally, this also favors the Beavers. Zona rolled into Oregon State last year and came away with a win, so you can bet Riley will use that (OSU turned the ball over 7 times in that game). If you take trends into account, OSU is 6-1 SU & 6-1 ATS against Zona in their last 7 meetings (that only loss coming last season).

Zona was held to NEGATIVE rushing yards against Cal, USC, and Washington, while OSU has shown vast improvement in their rush defense the past few weeks (85 yards/game against Washington & Washington St). With Tuitama on the rocks, how the hell is Zona going to move the ball on offense?...(biggest key in this game if you ask me)

And if you just look at this matchup from a statistical standpoint, OSU is statistically better in most categories.

I think people are waaaaaaaaaaaay overvaluing the beavers. Washington was due for a loss sometime, that was really not that quality of a win last week. This game is strictly a toss up and a HUGE one for the Arizona program.
AZ stinks though... bad... it's a battle of two sound d's vs. a bad offense and a really bad offense...

I think Ore St. has the momentum after last week... funny line movement going on here though.
I'm not liking the in-conference games that much this week. Only thing in regards to the Pac-10 that i do like this week is fading a very young, inexperienced Bruin offense on the road. See the 2nd 1/2 vs Wash, lol.

Seriously, i'm not liking much...and not liking the lines.
RSMS - how is this a HUGE game for Zona, and not for Oregon State??? Zona beat OSU last year, so that at least gives the Beavers the revenge edge. I just don't see how this game is more important to the Wildcats. It's a Pac-10 matchup, so both teams should have some fire in this one.
The beavers are just coming off a big victory over Washington, should not be that motivated to beat the "vaunted" wildcats. Arizona needs a win a lot more badly IMO. A lot of people expected Stoops to get this team bowling this season and if they lose this one they will be crushed. Believe me, if they lose this game it is not going to be pretty. i dont see value on either these teams and I think that arizona has the slight edge. It is had for anyone to win 2 straight road games in the pac-10, and we are talking about one of the worst teams in the conference trying to do just that.
How will Arizona score points?

Oregon St atleast can put something on the board, Arizona can not...