PTL's Week 7 NFL Selections


Pretty much a regular
8-5 last week
19-21-1 YTD

KC 7 won - wrong team favored
Jax 6.5 won
NE 3 lost
Atl 3.5 won wrong team favored
Mia 3 won
Phil 8 lost
NYJ 5.5 won
Car 5.5 won wrong team favored
Den 1.5 lost
Ind 7.5 lost
Sea 11 lost
Ari 5 lost
Dal 15


best of luck to all
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liking Carolina. biggest surprise here is KC though. haven't delved into things yet, but what a shocker that would be. can't imagine SD losing SU here, though ATS is a different animal.
KC is a surprise...but hat about Seattle, dallas and carolina??

should be interesting.....

best of luck yanks...
I'll be on KC as well, also made ATL a favorite. Prolly gonna play CLE as well.
yeah...was thinking Clev as well, but jsut beginning to look into things this week.

can't play dallas or seattle right now, personally. prolly no plays for me this week. though carolina is also semi-enticing, pay.
I like Cleveland. Broncos have not impressed on the road other than that ugly game vs. the Pats. The Browns were on a buy last week if I can remember.. should be as sharp as THEY can be. Plummer has been struggling and the Broncos are having a hard time covering spreads. 4.5 is alot of points for the home dogg here.

Chargers look like too easy a pick, perhaps KC bounces back this week in a big way... however they just look bad.
I am really liking K.C. this week at home getting points. Aslo liking Atl but think I am going with Cinn. GL my friend!:cheers:
Dogs are BACK this year pay. Last year proving to be an anomaly...I'm having a solid season and you know I play alot of dogs.
last two weeks the dogs had a comeback as favs hit only 31% each week

favs are now 51-49...or possibly 50-50 depending on a line or two

still too early to say which way the year will end up as any lopsided week could put either side on top for awhile