Projected ACC Standings at End of the Year

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Team Name Predicted Finish
Miami 11-1 (12-0, 9-3)
Virginia Tech 11-1 (12-0, 10-2)
Georgia Tech 8-4 (11-1, 7-5)
UNC 4-8 (3-9)
Virginia 6-6 (8-4)
Duke 1-11 (3-9)

Florida St. 10-2 (12-0)
Clemson 9-3 (10-2, 6-6)
Maryland 6-6 (7-5, 5-7)
BC 8-4 (9-3, 7-5)
Wake Forest 2-10 (6-6)
NC State 5-7 (6-6, 3-9)

Quick explanation: I've gone through and predicted what I believe will be final records. The records in parenthesis are the best and/or worst case scenarios depending on the result of the more competitive games. Teams are in the order Phil Steele predicts they will finish.

I tried to post the actual tables from Excel but it won't let me. Too many charachters. I'll post the schedule and results to see if anyone agrees, disagrees, has comments. Wins are marked with a "W", losses with a "L", and close games that could go either way are marked with "()".
Boston College

A.31 @ CMU W
S.09 Clemson (L)
S.16 BYU W
S.23 @ NC State W
S.30 Maine W
O.07 Bye Week
O.12 Virginia Tech L
O.21 @ Florida St. L
O.28 Buffalo W
N.04 @ Wake Forest W
N.11 Duke W
N.18 Maryland (W)
N.23 @ Miami L

S.02 FAU W
S.09 @ BC (W)
S.16 @ Florida St. L
S.23 UNC W
S.30 La Tech W
O.07 @ Wake Forest W
O.14 @ Temple W
O.21 Georgia Tech (L)
O.26 @ Virginia Tech L
N.04 Maryland (W)
N.11 NC State W
N.18 Bye Week
N.25 S. Carolina (W)

S.02 Richmond W
S.09 @ Wake Forest L
S.16 @ Virginia Tech L
S.23 Bye Week
S.30 Virginia L
O.07 @ Alabama L
O.14 Florida St. L
O.21 Miami L
O.28 Vanderbilt (L)
N.04 Navy L
N.11 @ BC L
N.18 @ Georgia Tech L
N.25 UNC (L)
Florida State

S.04 @ Miami (L)
S.09 Troy W
S.16 Clemson W
S.23 Rice W
S.30 Bye Week
O.05 @ NC State W
O.14 @ Duke W
O.21 BC W
O.28 @ Maryland W
N.04 Virginia W
N.11 Wake Forest W
N.18 WMU W
N.25 Florida (L)
Georgia Tech

S.02 Notre Dame (L)
S.09 Samford W
S.16 Troy W
S.21 Virginia W
S.30 @ Virginia Tech (L)
O.07 Maryland W
O.14 Bye Week
O.21 @ Clemson (W)
O.28 Miami L
N.04 @ NC State W
N.11 @ UNC W
N.18 Duke W
N.25 @ Georgia (L)

S.02 William & Mary W
S.09 Middle Tenn. W
S.14 @ WVU L
S.23 FIU W
S.30 Bye Week
O.07 @ Georgia Tech L
O.14 @ Virginia (W)
O.21 NC State W
O.28 Florida St L
N.04 @ Clemson (L)
N.11 Miami L
N.18 @ BC L
N.25 Wake Forest W

S.04 Florida St (W)
S.09 Florida A&M W
S.16 @ Louisville (L)
S.23 Bye Week
S.30 Houston W
O.07 UNC W
O.14 FIU W
O.21 @ Duke W
O.28 @ Georgia Tech W
N.04 Virginia Tech (W)
N.11 @ Maryland W
N.18 @ Virginia W
N.23 BC W
NC State

S.02 Appalachian St W
S.09 Akron W
S.16 @ USM (W)
S.23 BC L
S.30 Bye Week
O.05 Florida St L
O.14 Wake Forest (W)
O.21 @ Maryland L
O.28 @ Virginia L
N.04 Georgia Tech L
N.11 @ Clemson L
N.18 @ UNC (L)
N.25 ECU W

S.02 Rutgers L
S.09 Virginia Tech L
S.16 Furman W
S.23 @ Clemson L
S.30 Bye Week
O.07 @ Miami L
O.14 USF L
O.19 @ Virginia L
O.28 Wake Forest W
N.04 @ Notre Dame L
N.11 Georgia Tech L
N.18 NC State (W)
N.25 @ Duke W

S.02 @ Pittsburgh (L)
S.09 Wyoming W
S.16 WMU W
S.21 @ Georgia Tech L
S.30 @ Duke W
O.07 @ ECU W
O.14 Maryland (L)
O.19 UNC W
O.28 NC State W
N.04 @ Florida St L
N.11 Bye Week
N.18 Miami L
N.25 @ Virginia Tech L
Virginia Tech

S.02 Northeastern W
S.09 @ UNC W
S.16 Duke W
S.23 Cincinnati W
S.30 Georgia Tech (W)
O.07 Bye Week
O.12 @ BC W
O.21 USM W
O.26 Clemson W
N.04 @ Miami (L)
N.11 Kent St. W
N.18 @ Wake Forest W
N.25 Virginia W
Wake Forest

S.02 Syracuse (L)
S.09 Duke W
S.16 @ UCONN (L)
S.23 @ Ole Miss (L)
S.30 Liberty W
O.07 Clemson L
O.14 @ NC State (L)
O.21 Bye Week
O.28 @ UNC L
N.04 BC L
N.11 @ Florida St L
N.18 Virginia Tech L
N.25 @ Maryland L