pro hoops starts in TWO days.


[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]BOSTON: SEVEN of First NINE Games Are At HOME.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]CHICAGO: TEN of First THIRTEEN Games Are on ROAD.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]BLACK MAMBA: FIFTEEN of First TWENTY Games Are At HOME.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]CLIPPERS: SIX of First EIGHT Games Are At HOME.






looks like skiles likes NOCIONI As a scoring spark From The bench. For now Anyway.

I dont like it eames.. They should have never gotten rid of Tyson in my book. PJ is getting old. I would start nocioni... but i guess they like dengs length and defense, although nocinoi is a better player.

Not sure about this bulls team, they got a lot of pieces but no scoring down low.. give me the celtics, you can have chicago
Celts better than the Bulls this season? Are you KIDDING ME. Possibly a difference of 20 wins right there.
We scored fine at the end of the season... it was are inability to stop 2nd chance scores and hold down the paint. Chandler can't play 15 mins without grabbing 5 fouls. Wallace will get more respect. Plus Chandler's back is chronically fucked up.. see TMAC
I like boston in their division ( tor, philly and ny will be garbage.. and i think they can compete with the nets)

All of the teams are pretty shitty imo. Yes the bulls will be good no doubt, but just cuz u add a big name player doesnt mean ur gonna improve.

Bulls were only 41 - 41 last year lets not annoint them the champs just yet
abcs I do think that my Celtics wil be good this year and hopefully win or at least compete for the Atlantic crown, but I wouldn't take 'em over the Bulls at this point.

That being said, though...PJ Brown and Ben Wallace down low better grab a ton of O-Boards, because that isn't giving Chicago a lot to work with offensively.
We'll win by smothering teams and letting Gordan jack up 25 shots a night.

Division? This aint the NFL where you play your division foes more than anyone else in the East.. perhaps one game more in some circumstances.. Bulls will get to play all those squads... I just feel like Paxon wouldn't have paid Wallace that dough if he didn't feel it put them in the top 5 teams in the league... espn had them at 5 or 6 a few weeks ago.. we'll see.
I realize that bud. Im just saying if they win their side they will be a 3 or 4 seed.. no matter of the record

I just like the versatility on this team
I will be happy if Toronto can actually win 4 straight games. Oh and also keep their opponents to under 100 points!
Oh.. I understand now abc... i just dont see how they can compete with the nets... i do like the upgrades at pg... and i think they can battle for .500 and the 8th spot... i just have to have a biased response to the bulls here...

i do think the bulls might struggle out the gates... horrid starts the last 2 years and they have a brutal road schedule to start things off.
Im banking on perkins and jefferson making huge improvements also hoping ratliff still has a pulse. Love the depth at the 1 - 4 positions this year. Paul and Wally should play well.. if both are on the floor they might not be able to play d, but they should be able to force tempo. Liking tony allen and d west off the bench as well..

Kind of wish they had some veteran leadership at point but its ok