Poinsettia Bowl


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Hey folks; I'd like to wish everyone a profitable Holiday Season. So far, I have locked in one play:

Poinsettia Bowl, Northern Illinois v TCU - First Bowl of the year and the 2nd year of existence for this bowl; this bowl was created due to the amazing success of it's bigger brother, the Holiday Bowl which takes place a few days later at the Q. NIU comes in with MAC leading rusher Garrett Wolfe and a lot of enthusiasm as the Huskies do not go bowling often, being in the MAC. TCU had another 10-win season, and may consider this bowl game a bit beneath them, save for the fact they get to come to San Diego. Fact is, TCU is better in all aspects of this game, and their NATIONALLY 4th ranked run defense should effectively slow down Wolfe. NIU struggled (against MAC competition) to throw when they can't get Wolfe off. Down the stretch, TCU averaged well over 400 yds and 30 pts per game, as they blew thru the latter part of their MWC schedule. QB Ballard has been on fire. They should be able to have their way with a mid-level MAC defense, that did improve down the stretch, with their best effort vs CM as they handed them their only MAC loss. Never a big fan laying double digits in bowl games, as the records speak for themselves. However, TCU is the play here, as HC Patterson has stated that he wants that 11th win to be the only Texas school to achieve that this year (think recruiting, I guess). TCU constantly plays with a chip on their shoulder (due to the fact UT and A&M get most of the Texas press) and are the 2nd best program in Texas IMO. Some may point to motivation as being an issue, but I don't think so here. In a bit of an ironic twist with this game being in San Diego, I expect both LT and his backup Michael Turner to attend this game, as they went to TCU and NIU respectively.
Play on: TCU -11' over Northern Illinois (I would play this up to 13).

Also...likely passing on the Las Vegas Bowl and definitely passing the New Orleans Bowl. (I average about 15 bowl plays a year).
Glad to hear it fellas; 'Horn, look forward to your thoughts on the Texas-Iowa game.
Nice writeup bro...thanks for the good info and insight.

Already with you on TCU, though I got them at -12.

Looking forward to the rest of your Bowl Picks.

what did I say?

Good to see you DMAC; good luck on your plays and look fwd to more of your thoughts brotha.
I'm a little slow on the uptake today...thanks for the explanation.

TimH...love to hear some Purdue - Maryland thoughts, unless I missed them? Good to hear from ya!
Thanks DMAC and MistaFlava...:drink:

I think I'l post another pick in about 30 seconds.