Please explain the line move...


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im not even going to try to lie and say i know anything bout nba, but im intreaged at the reverse line movement pointing me to want to play the lakers (like most of you)

from my experience, when its very early in the season and you see shit like this, its a good thing...just lookin for answer in the stars right now.

thanx, kk
btw, ill be able to play whatever i wish tonight (turned .8 units into over 4 units in poker...just hope i dont lose it all...)
It's been my experience that early in the season, the public tends to be more right then wrong. Looking back on my records, I make the bulk of my money from Dec to April on the fades.

I think Tru has some reasearch on this...
Yes...he's definetely playing...

Check out his website...says he felt great in practice...

But, he didn't see any time in the preseason...I don't see him being sharp tonight..but most of the board is against me..

GL KK...
Kobe is a bigtime rhythm guy...esp on his jumper...Raja hopefully keeps him settling for jumpers...

Can't wait!
all i know is that ive made everything back i lost last night w/ the vikings and i need to know who to tail...(cuz i dont know SHIT)

First, SMH is correct. I find fades are great from January till about end of march. I will go more that way during that time.

Second, line was 5.5 when i played it(sold half to 5) last Thursday night or Friday morning. It then rose to around 6 as Kobe was listed as "questionable to doubtful". Then it was dec;ared Sunday night that he was playing and it went all the way to 3.5. This morning it went back to 4.5 where it currently sits.

GL tonight.
KingKrunked said:
bar, the whole fucking country is against the lakers.....ARGH

Thats fine with me. I got 3 units total on side and ML for Lakers:cheers:
not really sold on tha fades are better late dec to january deal. las year lookin over my shit start of season till mid dec i was 57%, i will take that all tha time. an my fade leans in same time was 27-19. i think its profitable all year long, but las year i might jus got lucky on which games i picked.

kk always look for bar an smh topics in nba, follow em an u cant go wrong
tru, im still tryin to figure out who to tail 'til i get the jist of it (i hate tailing, but i need it until i get this sport down--i gave up on cfb)

im really curious if anyone has further numbers similar to yours, tru, but perhaps more indepth and for a longer period of time
kk i can tell u all kinds of fade numbers for nfl, made a good database for it. nba is too big wit way too many games for me to take my time to get tha data an get one goin. ive been kickin around gettin tha data from SI in excel wit some other niggas for awhile now, jus havent jumped on it yet.