Ortiz/Shamrock 3 UFC


You've Got To Bleed For The Dancer
6 Man Parlay 1/5.4 Units:
Matt Hamill -225
Ed Herman -275
Tito Ortiz -900
Kendall Grove -450
Josh Haynes -120
Tony DeSouza -325

3 Man Parlay 4/5.6 Units
Matt Hamill -225
Ed Herman -275
Kendall Grove -450

2 Man Parlay 4/4 Units
Matt Hamill -225
Ed Herman -275
this is to make it alright to the crybabies who thought the ref's stoppage was too quick..Ortiz will destroy Ken this time...then he will get killed by Liddell.

Ive been watchin the reality show all day. Not bad, not that good. I still like Matt Hughes although a lot of cats like St Pierre. Oh well Good luck bro
Tom night mike.. the weigh is on right now i think

yea both are on spike
The hammer looks good. Might throw down some sheckels on that kid
wow this girl rachelle lea on spike is the hottest thing ive ever seen

U guys put it on spike asap
you guys didn't watch THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT OCTAGON GIRL?? The winner is 1/2 of the hottest twins I've ever seen...though Rachelle is hot as hell.
Ed Herman just pissed away all of my plays...that Macdonald dominated him throughout. Damn!

Any opinions on

Shamrock +700

Ortiz -1100
Yea thats a ton of juice and anything can happen in this type of fight. It only takes 1 punch :shake: