Oregon State

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Your TV will be looking all messed up tonight. The field is going to look blue. To really mess with your friends tell them it looks normal to you.


So now on to something that I'm not so positive about, but I feel really good about - I'm going to call it my play of the year.

That's right, it's only week 2, but this is going to be my play of the year.

.55 units to win .5 Boise State - Oregon State UNDER 59

LOL - okay so maybe the game total isn't my play of the year... my actual play of the year is to try to get my wife to give me some head. Like that will happen!

Card is a bit tough tonight, and there isn't anything I really like. But I'm a degenerate and I need to play something!

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Good God man! I liked Oregon State and you had to go and use the "L" word!?!?!?!

Fuck Me!!!

First, welcome aboard Popcorn

Glad to have you here...all the way from South Africa. Hope you're successful in that endeavor with your wife.

On the other thing...i edited your post a bit. I understand you were joking, and not referring to the game as a lock...but it's best to just avoid words like that all together. I think your intent was misunderstood...but understandably so. I also had to go back and re-read the post.

Anyways, hopefully it's all water under the bridge. Welcome...and BOL with that under tonight, Popcorn.

All I said was "LOCK! Oregon State" in my title. Two different topics. My lock was the field was going to look blue tonight. Then I was teasing around with "GOY" and on my GOY I put half a unit to tease you all a bit more.

I'm not sure how I jinxed Oregon State as I'm not even on them. I come here showing the love - now love me all night long! Well tell my wife to.
i dont even see the word lock but im gonna tail you on this one hope you know what ur talking about because i know nothing about these teams and havent capped anything today but need action because i love gambling and love losing mad loot GOOD LUCK!