Oregon State @ Boise State (Thursday 9/7/2006) Discussion


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Haven't seen many people going over this game yet, and since it's the first one we'll see this week, wanted to get some talk going on it.

Oregon State beat them SU last year, although the game was at Corv. and now it's on Boise's home turf. One thing that really sticks out a bit is that OSU got pasted quite a few times on the road last year. They return a bunch of players in key positions but then again so does Boise State. Honestly, after looking at what both teams have this year I was a little surprised that the line is Boise State -8, it struck me as a bit high. Is Boise State's returning experience and home field worth that much? Or is it also in addition to OSU's road woes from last year?

Charlie - It's very tough to pick a side in this one. It's difficult to bet against Boise St. when they're on that blue field. Some people say it messes with depth perception. I'm not so sure about that, but I do know the Broncos play lights out at home. IMO, the line looks about right. :shake:
Boise St at home is always inflated since they tend to blow people out there... I remember BG catching like 10 there last year... and got ROMPED. The blue turf does something to opposing teams... it gets in their head
charlieBX, I think Boise St is actually a little better talent-wise than the Beavers; nothing can really be taken from either teams' initial games, but I think the Beavers front 7 on defense is particularly vulnerable. I think Boise will play well at home in front of a national audience (when don't they???) as this is one of a couple games that is key to an undefeated season. Beaver QB Moore is key here; Beavers have a nice RB and solid OL...they did lose Haas at WR. As long as Moore doesn't throw is customary two INT's, I think the Beavs can hang, though that is a BIG if. I think it would take a lot of balls to bet Oregon St at this price. GL.
Surprisingly I have line capped at Boise -DD. Laying off though. Just feels wrong.
RJ, Ultimately...a feel is often all we have so it's good you're following your gut. I will have a small play on the Broncos in this one.
Pags11...you're on the dog? I didn't exactly fall out of my chair reading that.
I know, I know...that's why I like reading your takes; we definitely look at things differently.

What did you do with Viva over at Covers; haven't seen him over there?
Horses--I think NMSU wins SU. But the Alberqueque press thinks UNM is setting them up for a fall.

I was looking at that late last night. Already dropped from +10.5 to +8.5.

And goddam NMSU looks tempting.
RJ, Setting them up for a fall? How? By losing to a 1-AA team? I agree with you; I like the fact Mumme has a QB in there (Holbrook) that can run the offense (unlike Gill last year). No doubt NMSU should be able to move the ball pretty well with that offense, and that's what I look for in a live dog. Obviously some heavy money went on the Aggies when the lines came out Sunday.

despite him beating me in the contest, I predicted the outcome of the BYU vs. Arizona game to a "T", so I think he was kind of pissed about that...haven't seen him since...
RJ, it's a typical Lobo defense from what I can tell; they like to put pressure on up front and leave their secondary on their own; if they can give Holbrook time, I think he will have great success against the Lobo secondary. Betting the Aggies...I would be worried about protecting the QB.

On the other side, w/o Moore, it looks like the Lobos will be passing more with McCarney; again, I think they have success against the Aggie secondary, even with Baskett graduating.

I think this game is decided in the air.

Pags11...yeah, it was like 4-3 to 3-4 or something...whatever...I figure you were just killing time to the season started anyway. I was so close to pulling the trigger on UA; so glad I did not.