Opening Day of the Keeneland Fall Meet!!!

From today's Herald-Leader, about the new Polytrack surface... An important FYI for those who are used to capping the "old" Keeneland...

The eyes of the racing world will turn to Keeneland today for the unveiling of the track's new Polytrack surface on the opening day of the race meet.

Synthetic, shock-absorbing track cushion, plus wider turns, a longer homestretch, a spiffy new tote board and video tracking technology to help fans follow their horses represent major steps forward for a track better known for guarding tradition.

As Keeneland celebrates its 70th anniversary with the unveiling of a five-month renovation, racing fans also will toss away a few traditions.

Primary among these is expected to be the routine search for the horse that figured to get out front the quickest so it could get over to the "golden" rail.

Horseplayers termed the inside path "golden" because the speed-favoring bias in the surface seemed to give an edge to the horse that got there first.

For years, Keeneland bettors watched for the bias to come and go and knew when to play quick gate speed over quality, weight, and other handicapping elements because the magic path so often proved the winning ticket.

Polytrack is supposed to put an end to Keeneland's legendary speed bias.
In the opinion of many horse owners like David Greathouse, who also is a breeder and a horseplayer, Polytrack "has no bias."

"Horses can win from on the lead or they can come from out of it," Greathouse said.

Horsemen generally rave about the consistency of the new surface, which has been in use at Turfway for the past year and at Woodbine, near Toronto, for the past couple of months.

The surface remains consistent not only from the inside rail outward, across the width of the track. It also plays fairly consistently from day to day.

At the least, Polytrack means pretty much the end to muddy and sloppy tracks. The secret is in the drainage, which takes place straight down through the melange of silica sand, recycled rubber, and synthetic fibers, all coated in wax.

The Polytrack drainage worked so well at Turfway last winter that the only cancellation occurred because of impassable roads that fans and shipped-in horses would have had to travel to get to the track.

Keeneland oddsmaker Mike Battaglia, the longtime announcer at Turfway, said he observed that the more the rain falls on Polytrack, the faster the surface gets.

"I've seen water on top of it only one time," Battaglia said.

Battaglia suggested that Keeneland fans adjust to the changes they can expect to see in the way horses are running by watching the races carefully over the first few days.

"After a couple of days you might want to adjust your criteria," he said. One tip: the faster the track gets with moisture, the better the early speed will hold up.

By this, Battaglia means legitimate early speed and not merely the "first horse to the rail" that people think the bias favored.

"I'm going in with the theory that the track is going to play fair," Battaglia said.

"If there is a lone speed horse in a race, it's going to win. But just because you get out in front doesn't mean you're going to win (as it often did on the former dirt track)."

The wider turns and longer stretch also will force horseplayers to ask different questions when analyzing a race.

Keeneland President and CEO Nick Nicholson has described the former incarnation of the turns as though "laid out by mules," which, actually, they were when mules pulled the equipment used to build Keeneland during the mid-1930s.

The first turn was particularly problematical in its design. As Nicholson described it, "You actually went into the turn, then it got sharper, and then there was actually another turn."

In expanding outward to widen the first turn, Keeneland put to use the dirt removed from the main race course. The dirt now underpins the broader width of that turn.

Horses, jockeys and bettors all stand to benefit from the widened turns. They "should be easier to run through," Battaglia said.

Polytrack prognosticators have made all kinds of projections about the future; everyone from bettors to breeders will be watching for trends.

Among the predictions is that new bloodlines will emerge into prominence.
Horse trainer Neil Pessin of Lexington believes this theory will prove true.

"I think you're going to have dirt, turf, and Polytrack lines," he said. As horses switch courses, horseplayers might end up looking for those that favor the different surfaces, just as they have always looked for those that excel on turf or dirt or muddy tracks.

And while a good horse often will run well over any kind of course, "some horses are going to like (Polytrack) better than others," said Greathouse.

One thing to remember today is that all the Keeneland track records have gone out with the dirt track. The track will record new "Polytrack" records at all distances beginning today.

This opening day marks a new era and a big step into the future for the track that always billed itself as the place for "racing as it was meant to be."
Keeneland fall meet
When: Today-Oct. 28, 17 days of racing. No racing Mondays and Tuesdays.
All about Polytrack

What Polytrack is: An entire system that includes a cushioned top layer working in tandem with a vertical drainage system that is unique to horse tracks. The top layer is a mix of approximately seven inches of sand, synthetic fibers and recycled rubber, all coated with wax. Sublayers include porous macadam and dense aggregate rock. Vertical drainage pipes carry water down and away from the track.

Why Keeneland installed Polytrack: Safety was the No.1 reason. Keeneland, which owns 50 percent of Turfway Park in northern Kentucky, was greatly encouraged to see the number of horse injuries dramatically decrease there after installation of Polytrack in the summer of 2005.

Keeneland's history with Polytrack: According to Nick Nicholson, President and CEO of the track, Keeneland had decided to install the surface even before it formed a partnership with Martin Collins, of England, for manufacturing the system in North America. Keeneland laid down the first Polytrack in North America on its five-eighths mile training track in 2004.

Where else Polytrack is used in North America: Turfway Park and Woodbine Race Course, near Toronto. Del Mar Race Course in California continues to discuss the prospect of using Polytrack. Hollywood Park has laid down another synthetic surface called Cushion Track.

Track facts: Keeneland laid down 16,000 tons of Polytrack over its 11/16-mile course this summer. Polytrack is part of a major, five-month renovation that also includes installation of a new safety rail; an outside rail on the turf course; a video tracking system; a state-of-the-art tote board; new marker poles and finish line marker; a larger winner's circle; larger front viewing area; wider turns, and a homestretch lengthened by more than 110 feet to 1,235.6 feet.
Autumn glories gild the track

Is there anything grander than springtime at Keeneland? Only the burnished splendors of the fall meet

By Amy Wilson



David Perry/Staff
One thing Keeneland's fall racing meet has that the spring meet doesn't have is a background of fall color.

Maybe it's not different. Maybe the fall meet at Keeneland is just like the spring meet except for the calendar distinction. Maybe the trainers are the same and the breeders are the same. The horses are as beautiful and the air as changing. The birds on their way to or from but, regardless, traveling through.

And, then again, maybe it is different. Maybe the mums scream autumn but the geraniums yell spring. Maybe the slant of the light of daybreak comes from a little bit south of east in fall but a little bit north of east in spring. Maybe the crowds are bigger in spring, like some people think. Maybe the intimacy is greater in fall, like some people feel.

Maybe it's a personal preference.

The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau's Meredith Moody says that April and October (race meet dates) are two of the three biggest months for tourism in town. (July is the other -- thank you, Breyerfest.) And sometimes hotel occupancy is bigger in April; sometimes it's bigger in October.

And yet there is the abiding belief that October has one more thing going for it than April: football and the synergy of the tailgating fool.

In fact for years, Keeneland and the University of Kentucky tried not to schedule against one another because they knew they were the perfect twofer. Regardless of your devotion to the Wildcats or whoever played them, you could make Lexington early and start your tailgating about 11 a.m. Lose some money. Make some money. Get the sun. Feel the breeze. Make the football game by 5 p.m. and do it all over again (except for the sun part).

The college crowd is not thinking of graduating or even passing mid-terms in October. They are thinking: This town is better than ice-cold beer.

Moore says that statistics bear that out: Night games have a bigger impact on the tourism bottom line than day games do -- day games being when guests must choose between Keeneland and the game.

Steve Webster, Keeneland's longtime director of parking, confirms that. He estimates that there are 3,000 to 4,000 people who tailgate on Saturday when there is a UK game in the evening.

But that's just numbers and beer sales. What if we're wondering how the two race meets differ in, say, mood?

The horse people answer that one.

"There's an old saying," explains farm owner John Glenney, "that no one commits suicide with a good 2-year-old in the barn."

Glenney and Hazel, his 4-month-old English mastiff pup, watch the early October workouts. This is the time of the year, he says, when the 3-year-olds are already who they grew up to be. They've usually won their first race. The Derby is behind them.

Fall is when the 2-year-olds, who just began running a mile in August, are starting to blossom, Glenney says. "They're stretching out to longer races." You can see -- if you are blessed with a breeder's or trainer's eye -- what they could become.

Even for those of us thusly unblessed, is there anything finer than unfettered promise wrapped in the season of mists and harvests?

It's been well reported that this October will be a buffet of firsts. With all of Keeneland's renovations, it's the first time you'll get to see a great new highfalutin' tote board framed in stone, which makes it look like it has always belonged there. It's the first time you'll get to watch digitized horses (color-coded for easy ID) and their ever-changing positions on a screen during the race. (So if your horse is fifth and getting boxed in on the inside on the far side of the track, you'll be able to explain loudly to the jockey what he or she should be doing even though your binoculars are failing you. This is mighty handy. But you'll see it again in spring and thereafter.)

There's also the new Polytrack this season, which means the familiar pounding of hooves and the concurrent jarring of equine limbs are quieted so that you hear their breathing before you hear their speed.

The new track even presented a first on Monday with the before-dawn spectacle of a wicked chase.

"A horse got loose around 5:45 this morning," said Rick Giannini, an assistant trainer, "and you couldn't hear him until he was right next to you."

The fall meet, which begins today and continues through Oct. 28, finds the state's most beautiful race track in autumnal thrall. It finds its horses as fast and as feisty.

And it finds its devotees who know why they come in October.
Sarah Leighty says she comes for the colors -- the rusts and golds of fall, not the pinks and whites of spring. The native Kentuckian now lives in Melbourne, Fla., and comes out to the racetrack at least once when she's back home. Sarah's daddy owned racehorses -- "the cheap claiming-race kind," she says. She doesn't come for the glam. She knows there's a Breeders' Cup this year in the commonwealth but "I never know who's who in those things."

She will, instead, wait in the cold dark of the fresh morning and watch with awe the anonymous 2-year-olds fight for a supremacy that will surely be theirs by spring.
Today's Entries

First post 1:15 p.m.

(Horses listed in post-position order with saddle-cloth number)

1 $50,000, maiden special weight, fillies and mares, 3-year-olds and up, 11/16 miles

No. Horse Jockey Wt. Odds
1 Carolina's Song Martinez 118 30-1
2 Story's Image Lebron 116 20-1
3 Votsi Gomez 118 4-1
4 Maizelle Velazquez 118 6-5
5 Wildwood Ella Lanerie 118 5-1
6 Birdie Sets Sail McKee 118 20-1
7 Quiet Queen Graham 118 30-1
8 Sea Wedding Mena 118 30-1
9 Lordly Valenzuela 118 12-1
10 Hot Canary Bejarano 121 12-1
11 Stars Indy Skies Castro 118 12-1
12 Lucysykes Leparoux 118 10-1

Maizelle ran well to finish second in her debut despite encountering some trouble from a loose horse. She should love the added distance and appears to be in a good spot to take the opener for Pletcher and Velazquez. Wildwood Ella was disqualified from a maiden win at Hawthorne. Votsi makes her U.S. debut for top trainer Neil Drysdale.

2 $16,000, claiming ($7,500), 3-year-olds and up, 61/2 furlongs, post 1:45

1 Garden Dancer Minnock 115 50-1
2 Mapp Hill Martinez 120 6-1
3 Big Charlie Sarvis 118 12-1
4 Sixty Sixty Bridgmohan 120 15-1
5 Saint's Shadow Borel 120 8-1
6 Tyler Lebron 115 15-1
7 Grand View Cliffs Lumpkins 120 5-1
8 Kutenai Melancon 120 12-1
9 Lord Lovat Enriquez 118 20-1
10 Tequila Party Coa 120 4-1
11 A K's Quest Albarado 120 7-2
12 Plunkit Graham 120 6-1

Saint's Shadow comes off a narrow loss on the Turfway Polytrack. He will be running at the end in a race loaded with early speed, and he could spring the mild upset. A K's Quest is from the barn of Wayne Catalano who is having a terrific year, hitting at 33 percent. This one is capable of rating just off the early leaders. Tequila Party is good right now.

3 $35,000, claiming ($50,000), 3-year-old fillies, 6 furlongs, first post 2:15

1 Valentine Dance McKee 118 6-1
2 Privy's Jewel Leparoux 118 6-1
3 We Will Dance Albarado 118 8-1
4 Sweetcarolinarose Mena 118 8-1
5 Fiji Island Houghton 120 8-1
6 Whatsitgonnatake Razo Jr. 118 6-1
7 Triple It Borel 118 9-5
8 Girlsjuswanahavfun Guidry 118 5-1

Triple It has finished in the money in nine of her 11 races. She drops in for a tag and will be tough to beat at this level. Sweetcarolinarose has been running well against lesser company, but she could add value to the gimmicks. Girlsjuswanahavfun is a threat.

4 $52,000, allowance, 2-year-old fillies, 11/16 miles (turf), first post 2:45

1 Swingit Hernandez Jr. 118 5-2
2 Deep Springs Lanerie 118 9-2
3 Bavarian Belle Razo Jr. 118 3-1
4 Katerbug Leparoux 118 7-2
5 Local Color Blanc 118 10-1
6 Bad Annie Graham 118 20-1
7 Sal At War Lebron 113 30-1
8 Rapidian Mena 115 6-1
9 Whispering Heat Schaefer 118 15-1

Swingit comes off a solid maiden win at Arlington. She will be running at the end in a race that should have a legitimate pace. Bavarian Belle was beaten by the top pick but came back with a strong win last out. Deep Springs is bred to handle the move to the grass.

5 $50,000, maiden special weight, 2-year-olds, 7 furlongs, first post 3:15

1 Truman's Advice Jacinto 118 12-1
2 Coordinator Tom Lanerie 118 20-1
3 Vengeance Lumpkins 118 12-1
4 Bowdrill Mena 118 12-1
5 Five Star Dawn Albarado 118 9-2
6 Moneymoneymoney Bejarano 118 8-1
7 Albert the Elder Castaneda 118 50-1
8 Morada Key McKee 118 4-1
9 What a Tale Leparoux 118 3-1
10 Sunny Green Vitek 118 30-1
11 Our Friend Rick Melancon 118 15-1
12 Glamour Guy Prado 118 4-1

Morada Key was overmatched in the Futurity at Arlington, but he is back in against maidens. If he takes to the Polytrack he should be able to handle this field. What a Tale just missed in his Saratoga debut, and he has a solid work over the new Keeneland surface. Glamour Guy ran well in both of his races and is a threat.

6 $52,000, allowance, 3-year-olds and up, 7 furlongs, first post 3:45

1 Forest Blue Prado 120 6-1
2 West to Durango Borel 120 15-1
3 Big Red Ranger Leparoux 120 8-1
4 Miner's Lamp Guidry 118 6-1
5 Preacher Brown McKee 122 15-1
6 Commander's Shoes Albarado 120 15-1
7 Brilliant Son Bejarano 122 7-2
8 Superfly Gomez 118 2-1
9 Black Jack Attack Valenzuela 120 15-1
10 Euphoric Graham 120 20-1
11 Abistrabi Lumpkins 120 20-1
12 Lucky Is What I Am Morris 120 30-1

Superfly just missed last out in a tough race at Belmont. He is the class of this one and Zito figures to have him ready. Brilliant Son finished right with the top pick when they hooked up at Saratoga. Forest Blue looked good breaking his maiden in his debut.

7 $54,000, allowance, fillies and mares, 3-year-olds and up, 11/16 miles, first post 4:15

1 Miss Fury Blanc 119 20-1
2 Pyramid Love Leparoux 117 8-1
3 Performing Diva Gomez 117 6-1
4 Dark Obsession Martinez 120 30-1
5 Bondage Bejarano 119 8-1
6 My Chickadee Bridgmohan 117 10-1
7 Ada's Dream Borel 117 6-1
8 Wild Tonight McKee 117 15-1
9 Aristocratic Lady Velazquez 120 6-1
10 Leo's Pegasus Albarado 119 5-1
11 Sugar Shake Prado 121 3-1

Aristocratic Lady was no match for Slew Peg, who was loose on the front end at Turfway, but she was clearly second best in that one. She will benefit from a race over the Polytrack and rates the slight edge. Ada's Dream figures to make the lead and is bred to handle the added distance. Leo's Pegasus has never finished worse that fourth.

8 $150,000, Sycamore Breeders' Cup Stakes, 3-year-olds and up, 11/2 miles (turf); first post 4:45

1 Rochester Albarado 122 8-1
2 Big Prairie Blanc 120 10-1
3 Single Mon Guidry 120 50-1
4 Lord Carmen Borel 120 30-1
5 Always First Solis 122 5-1
6 Louve Royale Leparoux 117 8-1
7 Porfido Prado 125 8-1
8 Rush Bay Bejarano 125 7-2
9 Revved Up Gomez 122 3-1
10 Ramazutti Velazquez 120 6-1
11 Host Bridgmohan 122 15-1

Revved Up has finished first or second in 11 of his past 12 races and the only poor performance came on the soft turf at Woodbine. This 8-year-old has never been better, and he is proven at the mile-and-a-half distance. Rush Bay is another one whose only bad races have come on soft or yielding courses. Tom Amoss is having another excellent year and he will be tough to beat in this spot. Rochester loves the Keeneland turf and can't be overlooked, even at age 10.

9 $400,000, Darley Alcibiades Stakes, 2-year-old fillies, 11/16 miles, first post 5:15

1 X Star Pino 118 10-1
2 Bel Air Beauty Jara 118 30-1
3 She's Included Solis 118 6-1
4 Pro Pink Martinez 118 30-1
5 Beautiful Venue Borel 118 30-1
6 Call the Kitty Mena 118 30-1
7 Boat's Ghost Prado 118 30-1
8 Appealing Zophie Bridgmohan 118 7-2
9 Get Ready Bertie Albarado 118 20-1
10 Untouched Talent Valenzuela 118 5-2
11 Cotton Blossom Velazquez 118 5-1
12 Gatorize Guidry 118 12-1
13 Her Majesty Leparoux 118 12-1
14 Lisa M Graham 118 12-1

Her Majesty ran against the boys in her debut at Turfway and was the easiest kind of winner. It is a big jump from a maiden win to a Grade II but she has the benefit of a win on Polytrack and a race around two turns. Biancone figures to have her ready and she could spring the upset. Untouched Talent was good enough to win a stakes race in her debut, and her only loss has been to Point Ashley in the Del Mar Debutante. She should love the added distance. Appealing Zophie has the speed to be on or near the lead throughout. She looked good winning the Grade I Spinaway.

10 $56,000, allowance, 3-year-olds and up, 11/8 miles (turf), first post 5:45

1 Golden Trip Melancon 120 4-1
2 Let It Thunder Mojica 120 15-1
3 Water Gap Moran 117 30-1
4 Rock' N Fire Rojas 117 30-1
5 Weedle Tolentino 120 20-1
6 Islero Noir Gomez 120 5-1
7 Majestic Zeal Razo Jr. 120 10-1
8 Gray Suitor Prado 122 5-2
9 Minister's Joy Bejarano 120 2-1
10 Duke of Venice Lebron 115 15-1

Gray Suitor is 2-for-2 since returning from an eight-month layoff, and he is capable of continuing the streak. Minister's Joy looks like the main competition. Islero Noir needed his last one and will improve.
24 to first post and the '4' horse is 1-to-5.

Pass. Even though she looks good, it's a 12-horse maiden field for christ's sakes. Will have a small bet on the '12' horse if I can get 8-to-1 or better (Lucysykes) - check in third at Turfway on polytrack debut, rallied late while caught out wide, missed by less than 2 lengths. Second off a layoff for a good trainer - post will be difficult to overcome, and it's why I'm just betting 50 to win and show on her if the price is right.
I went to Keeneland last year and just road Bejerano...He was money in like 8 of the 12 posts....

GL today bro...
Holy shit. Bejerano won the damn race. He went off at 31-to-freakin-1.

There you go Jump. $64 winner in the first race.
CollegeKingRex said:
Holy shit. Bejerano won the damn race. He went off at 31-to-freakin-1.

There you go Jump. $64 winner in the first race.

lol...I knew very liitle except Prado, Lucas, take horses trained by Baffert, Zito...

But Bejerano's stats at Keeneland are absurd...turf and dirt...


9 pays $65.20 to win. I passed because my horse did not meet the required 8-to-1 I was looking for.

Onto the second.

I spent about 6 minutes looking at the race and can't make a case for anything. A $7500 claimer doesn't belong 30 minutes into the first day of the meet. Come on.
11-12-3-10 in the second. Was not interested in any of it, just watched the race to see if any sort of a bias was developing. Didn't see one to this point. The 11 paid $9.00 to win, meaning he went off at 7-to-2.

Borel's horse in the 3rd will be tough if she's right, but since they're dropping her in for a tag, I'm banking on trying to beat her at these odds. The 2-horse, Privy's Jewel, is my choice. Leparroux tied Raffy for the jockey title last spring so he is certainly capable. This is her first race since July but Greg Foley is a good trainer with horses coming back in their first off a 2-6 month layoff (20 percent winner) That grass race in July at Churchill was a key race, as 2 horses came back to win the next time out. Let's try the 2-horse at 4-to-1 or higher, 50 to win and show...
Guidry on that 8 horse is a sleeper Rex...going w/ the Jockey shuffle...he ate my lunch money on an exacta box..
Well, well. Guidry right up the shitter.

8-3-6-1. I was correct in throwing the '7' on the street but my deuce needed a tightener. Not much of a trip there either, considering from where she broke.

8 paid $13.20 to win; the super paid almost $4000 for anyone smart enough to box the other six horses besides the chalk. Ehhh...
A good friend of mine is all over this allowance race in the 4th.

He likes the 1 and 3 much better than the field. The 3 is my top choice. She was bumped coming out of the gate but sent up to chase the pace and draw off in Chicago last time, her third start. She's well-bred for turf, by More Than Ready out of a Storm Cat mare. Maker barn does a good job with the younguns.

I can also make a case for the '1', who also win at a mile in Chicago in he second career start by getting up late to beat a field that saw two others graduate the next time out.

The '4' poses the only legit threat to my exacta, I believe, but I'll take my chances.

The play: KEE Race 4 - a 1-3 exacta box for $50... And a $8 trifecta wheeling the 1-3 with the 4-1-3 and 4-1-3. That's $132 total.

1-3 Box for me then too rexy...going to be 2nd and 3rd a little better pay...

Hope that 4 falls flat on her face....
the 3 horse almost fell down out the gates and still charged to second...tough break there...too fast a pace for the 1 it looked like...
Wouldn't you know. Finally a chalky race (turf, no coincidence I'm sure).

At least the 1 died and ran all the way out, otherwise I'd be kicking myself for missing that tri.

It runs 4-3-8. Tri pays $103.80 - the 1, 3 and 4 all basically went off at 2-to-1. The winner paid $6.40.

In the 5th, I have no strong leans, as the race is wide-open. The '5' is intriguing if he gets any kind of trip. But that's a big "if". The 9 got the early cash, as 20 mins to post, he's 6-to-5.

Passing for now.
That horse has a real shot. Zito/Raffy, 6 of 18 winners at the SPA with first-timers, that's tremendous. Horse is out of Awesome Again. Look at the workouts. He will surely be bet down.
Well, glad I decided to lay off the '9'. First chalky winner on the new surface. If he didn't get there, I would be passing them the rest of the day hahaha

In the sixth, the 7 and 8 look much better than the rest of them. Gonna go ahead and bet a $25 exacta box with those two. Cutting back til I cash a ticket, even though this will maybe get me back to even on the day if it hits haha...
I think we hit this one Rex...I was going to ride the Zito entry I'll ride the Box w/ the 7 also w/ ya..

The 5 was 21-1 and I'm sure he woulda died if not for Polytrack. Horse was trying to stop at the end but my 8 couldn't come out of the clouds to catch them.

Bejarano wins again and will pay $6.20

I'm going with the '2' in the 7th race. Pyramid Love was eased in the G-1 Alabama last time, and is 0-for-2 in the US. Biancone droppes her down to NW 2x company this time, takes the blinkers off and expect her to be right there with this bunch today. She was 8-1 in the morning and I'll take 6-to-1 or better.
Oh baby. The Keeneland "Golden Rail" lives on.

Rushed near the front, took over a quarter of a mile out and held off all comers in the final 200 meters....

That gets me back to about even... 2-10-6-5 is how it ran.

Pays $14.20 to win, $5 to show... that's the definition of 'Gittin R Dun'

Stakes races coming...
The Sycamore is a G-III race that 10-year old Rochester has won three times, in 01, 02 and 05... He's worth considering, especially for those who like older horses. But Rush Bay is one of my favorites.

He had a hell of a win in Canada in the G-II Nijinsky last time and is 4 for his last 7. All four wins were by a combined 1/4 to a 1/2 length!!! Rush Bay is the 7-to-2 favorite so I'm hesistant, especially with so many other good horses competing in this spot. Pass for now...
allright...I'll pass then...leaving work in 30 mins anywyas....

Thanks for the hit...

Good luck the rest of the sheet...
Raffy/Amoss... the turf is good... so he's gonna be my play to beat John R and Pletcher (the 10)...

Gomez and the 9, Revved Up, also has a shot.

Leaving the exotics alone except for a little 8-9-10 exacta and tri. I respect Rochester but trying to beat him with Rush Bay today.

Give me the chalk again to win this 12-furlong feature... Rush Bay, the 8, to win the 8th race...
Ran second. About 40 yards from hitting the tri, but one of my horses ran out of gas at the wire. It finishes 9-8-5...

This filly race is a good one.
The 1 offers no value now at 7-to-1; was hoping for 10/1.

Ended up betting the 13-horse, Her Majesty. How stupid is that? Higher ML price than the 1 and lower now at post (5-to-1 or so)...

She's already won on polytrack and for some damn reason I can't get off that jockey haha

Using a 8-11-13 EX and TRI box; also using the 1 in some tris with those other 3 underneath...
Another Keeneland stakes longshot. Whaddya know? HAHAHA


Game effort from my 13 considering the post. Hell of a horse race.
Don't like the field in the last. So I'll call the day a small loser and try again tomorrow.

There were some amazing payouts. If the 7-horse wins the last race, I believe the Pick-4 payout would be $131K or so to the winner. That's ridiculous.

Now that I know people are betting them things, I will be plowing into them tomorrow. I believe KEE is offering 50-cent Pick-4s today, which I believe is a new thing. It definitely kicked up the pools, which has to be encouraging for everyone.
Last race ran 6-10-8-9 for those who are curious. Gomez and Clemente each get another win in the nightcap.

6 paid $9.00 to win.

The pick 4 paid $44499.00

Time to study for tomorrow...