One 1Q for thursday...


Pretty much a regular
1Q Record 13-1 [2-0 (4-0 since I played all 4) last night +$1000]

Things have been good for the 1Q' lets keep it rolling...

1. GSW -1 $250 (dont play it too big...not as strong as last night)

you really have been on a nice run... keep it up man! :cheers:
Appreciate the dough you have been making for us lately. I'm with you on GS 1Q - BOL to us:cheers:
hey phillyroom, i dont watch much houston games but i did see the lakers rockets game..and it seems to me that yao starts off great. one main problem he has is stamina. If he starts out agressive houston usually has a good start..just my 2cents

Well done mate! Philly, have you found any sites with reasonable 1Q lines? A couple sites I checked seemed to overly juice the favs.
No ...I usually grab my lines from pinny RIGHT when the line opens around 10am that point the juice is usually the lowest