Ok, How Far will Notre Dame go this year...game by game look.


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Ok, There will be a ton of hype...check that...there is a ton of hype...Going Game by Game how do you see ND finishing up...


Sep 2@Georgia Tech Sep 9Penn St.Sep 16MichiganSep 23@Michigan St.Sep 30PurdueOct 7StanfordOct 21UCLAOct 28@NavyNov 4North CarolinaNov 11@Air ForceNov 18ArmyNov 25@Southern Cal.
Georgia Tech Win...Reggie Ball is still the QB right?
Penn State ..Win or Loss.....not sure how a young PSU QB will play on the road but PSU will be solid again this year.
Michigan... If ND beats PSU they lose this game...if they lose to PSU they Win this game...one way or the other ND is 2-1 after 3.
ND will roll MSU putting up its biggest Points maybe all year.3-1
next 3 games are at home and should be no problem..but of course ND plays down to its opps. but they should pull them out...
Purdue Win
Stanford WIN
Next 4 games are pretty easy...Air Force,Army and Navy...well..this isnt Iraq pretty easy.
North Carolina by this point in the year will be in its swoon.
so 3-0 over the Armed Forces
and UNC well..its not Basketball and its at ND
so ND rolls into Southern Cal at 10-1
this is the toughest one to call since SC is an unknown with all the new faces and problems they have had...but going to take a leap of faith and say after an easy 4 game stretch and a young SC squad in a big game...little payback for the Bush Push...
11-1....so the question is..
Is 11-1 good enough to get to the National Championship Game?
Do you think 11-1 is what the Irish will do this year?

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11-1 is good enough to get to the National Championship game this season I think. However, I think Notre Dame will lose at least 2 games -- Michigan, Navy, or Southern Cal.

Yes, . . . . I said Navy.
FTB, good job with the first post. I've been reading boards across the web and seems like a healthy 95% of the people are picking ND to take it all. For some reason the ol gut is telling me that the Irish loose at least 2 games this year. What games I don't have a clue but I agree I think they go 2-1 after 3. Maybe its just because I have a life long dislike of ND and I hate NBC coverage of CFB as well. Whatever happens, good luck this year and I look forward to seeing your picks.
FranktheBank$$$ said:
is Owens back??

No, but they are loaded with experienced players, even at QB. They are going to be one of those teams that gets better as the season goes along and should be at their peak about the time Notre Dame rolls into town.

Frank, this schedule is a tough schedule. They are lucky to be catching UCLA, Michigan State, and Penn State a little down this season in comparison to last. Still, none of those games are "givens" but probably Air Force, Army and Stanford.
Ben, Play...its true the Sch. this year is easy...which gives them the inside track over SEC and Big 10 teams....I cant see USC being the same as it has..not saying they wont be ND at Home.....As far as Navy beating ND..well I think ND has beaten Navy like 42 or 43 times in a row...that is almost half a century of ass kickings and ND has its best team in quite some time.
Nice to see you here Frank and would love for the Irish to have an undefeated season. I don't see anyone beating them...
10-2. At best.

Navy will not beat ND. But Michigan, SC, Michigan State, or UCLA will beat them 2 games out of the 4.
Their schedule is a pretty tough one..before I really make decisions on some of those late games, I want to see what a second year in the system Weis can put in defensively..they have to stop people better than they did at the end of last year...

That'll be the deal breaker for me..
Frank my favorite fellow Pac 10 basher! Good to see you here.

I'm thinking ND loses one or two games this year as well. Just not sure if they'll have the defense to compete vs teams with team speed on offense. Those DBs are sloooooow.
Hey Frank...good to see you around here..

Lemme say...the offense is outstanding but do not assume that the MSU dfense is like it has been for better part of decade. This is actually their best unit in some time it looks like. Plus, they own the Irish(lol). Not saying this will be a loss, but I think it will be one of the most entertaining games of the young season. A 35-34 kinda game.

Nice first post BTW.
Hey Guys,
Agree Offense is what will determine the season...Hoping Weiss can work some magic on the other side of the ball...I',m not a big High School Recurit guy but hope they did get maybe alittle help in the DB. I know alot was made of OSU torching ND last year with the deep pass..but the WRs for the Buckeyes were pretty special....I dont think ND could ask for an easier road....
as far as MSU...I agree they have stuck it to ND which is why this year I really like ND in that game, UCLA has lost alot if Im not mistaken and Stanford is solid but both those Pac10 teams have to travel so I dont see a problem there....one thing I do know is it would be a heck of alot of fun if USC and ND are playing for the Nat. Champ game in the last game of the season...would be a Mini-Super Bowl game of sorts...Can you imagine the ESPN hype Machine sinking its teeth into both those 1 loss teams on the last game for both....
I think Michigan might be a problem for N.D. this year, historically the underdog has done well in this rivalry as the games are usually close. If Michigan can keep it close then anything is possible. I really think that this is N.D.'s year against USC, and I still really think that the stars aligned with Penn State last year, a roster full of upperclassmen and a nice schedule. All in all I think N.D. beats up on Penn State and as long as they don't slip up against Michigan then there only real test will be SC, and I just think they got em this year!!!
Weiss recruited 5 cornerbacks in the offseason including Raeshon McNeil and Darrin Walls who were both U.S. Army All-American CBs.

The safeties from last season are expected to be pushed by some quicker Sophomores.

One thing to remember about all this -- the experienced personnel are slow, and the incoming talent is still green. I don't see very much improvement here this season, but next season it should get better.
yeah Aces...ND was lucky to win the game last year...Plus with PSU, UM and MSU all in a row...I think PSU will put a bit of a hurting on ND but lose and UM will be waiting and ready for revenge