NFL Week Two


NFL 06-07
Sides 5-2 +$1,560
Props 6-4 +$240
Total 11-6 +$1,800

Texans @ Colts –13 ($300)

The Texans probably have the worst secondary in the NFL. The Eagles torched them for 311 passing yards so I fully expect Manning and the rest of the WRs to have a field day at home in the passing attack. The Texans started off good but resorted back to their old ways as Carr was sacked 5 times and the Texans with RBs Lundy & Morency couldn’t get anything going on the ground. Man that Mario Williams pick looks great right now.

Arizona +7 @ Seattle ($300)

Not sure how much of an impact Deion Branch will make early on. Not sure if it was because they missed Steve Hutchinsin that much up the middle or Shaun Rodgers is that good but Hasselbeck was getting smacked around pretty good vs Detroit. He was sacked 5 times but was constantly picking himself off the turf from hurries as well.

With Arizona’s offense I expect them to be in any game this year just may have some trouble stopping the other team. Edgerin James is a nice compliment to an offense that has Warner tossing the pigskin to Bolden and Fitzgerald. With an offense like this I’ll take the 7 untill Seattle turns it up a notch on offense and shows it can protect Hasselbeck better.

Cleveland @ Bengals –10 (-119) ($400)

My AFC pick to the Super Bowl didn’t disappoint last week against a much improved KC defense. They face a Browns team that may be taking Brady Quinn next year with the first pick in the NFL draft. The Browns could only manage 56 total yards in the first 30 minutes of the game. When your QB Charlie Frye is your leading rusher with 44 yards you’e got some issues on offense.

Buffalo @ Miami –6.5 ($400)

Miami played a solid game vs Pittsburgh even though Big Ben was out. This line is giving the Bills to much credit for playing the overrated Patriots close last week an ugly game that saw neither team hae a WR with 3 catches. Gone from the Pats are Veneterri, Branch, Mcginnest, Givens, and Bruschi so this sin’t the Pats teams of old. Take Miami because the Bills are not a good football team.

Washington @ Dallas –6 ($500)

Watching that Dallas game was pretty frustrating as Bill Parcells kept running the ball up the middle over and over again which led right into the stregth of the a stout Jacksonville defense. Bledsoe after looking good all preseason looked pretty bad and felt the heat all night long leading to picks. He should have better numbers vs the Skins in taking notes from Brad Johnson who kept trying to burn the Skins deep and may have had a some more points if balls weren't dropped by his wideouts. TO and Terry Glenn are light years better then the Vikings WRs.

The Skins offense continues to look like shit under first year OC Al Saunders. At halftime a WR was the leading rusher and a RB was the leading reciever. Not good and I like Dallas to bounce back at home.
Good Luck Horn - I fully agree with your first three plays. Your reasonin for Miami is very sound, and I'm thinking the line may move to 6 before all is said and done. Still I'm a bit hesitant on the play. I'm really gunshy on Dallas though. Not that I don't agree with the play, I just want to see them prove things first.

Hopefully it will be a 5-0 week for you as I really feel the favorites will dominate this week.
fondy, I hear you man. The faves look damn good this week. It was hard for me to lay off about 3 other plays.

matt, thanks man hopefully we cash those two plays.

santa, Good glad to see someone else on the Cardinals because Seattle seems to be alot of folks big play.

farm, :cheers:
gl horn they look good for the most part off the bat i owuld lean seatle home opener but more research is needed BOL to you
like the favs alot, cant really see upsets comming from the top three even though i would love to see the browns breat my roomates bengals, BOL
Good Luck Horn, I like all of your plays and will be playing them as well. Only one I am laying off a tad is seattle but still hitting them. Good luck this weekend!!!
I'm opposite on SEA and CIN... I like DAL and am not playing the others...

gl Horn... Let's make it a good week...


nice writeups as always....little dissapointed my top 3 picks aren't on your board, good luck to you this sunday!
Thanks fellas hope everyone cashes tomorrow!

Got some props that I love Sunday for ya...

Warner -24.5 Passing Yards vs Hasselbeck ($500)

Alexander -24.5 Rushing Yards vs James ($300)

Boldin -26.5 Receiving Yards vs Engram ($400)

Brown +10.5 Rushing Yards vs Mcgahee ($400)

Dillon/Marouney -30.5 Rushing Yards vs Barlow/Blaylock ($300)

Ben Watson -15.5 Receiving Yards vs Chris Baker ($300)

Bush OVER 90.5 Rushing & Recieving Yards ($500)

Driver -5.5 Receiving Yards vs Horn ($300)

Shockey -15.5 Recieving Yards vs Greg Lewis ($300)
3-2 on my sides but only 4-5 on my props yesterday.


PITTSBURGH -3 ($400)

Parker -10.5 Rushing Yards vs Taylor ($300)

Matt Jones UNDER 5 Receptions ($300)