NFL Week One


Miami +1 @ Pittsburgh ($300)

I know it looks like the obious play but damn the Steelers have a totally different look then the one that played in the Super Bowl. Rothlesberger is out, Randle El and Bettis have moved on, and Ward has been bothered by a hamstring.

Culpepper also looked damn good this preseason going 22-30 with 218 yards. He along with Ronnie Brown getting his rookie season out of the way should improve this Dolphin offense tremendously.

Hate to play against Pitt at home but the loss of Rothlesberger sealed the deal for me.
I won't be playing this one, but I would definately lean to Pittsburgh...this is the Super Bowl Champions opening at home on Primetime...I can't think Cullpepper is going to be all that sharp first game back on the big stage...and Pitt has the most confusing defensive scheme in the league, and the one thing Culpepper's shown, is a propensity to be confused into mistakes...
Longest FG Made OVER 43.5 Yards ($300)

Culpepper OVER 14.5 Rushing Yards ($300)

Culpepper -22.5 Passing Yards vs Batch ($300)

Zach Thomas OVER 9.5 Tackles ($300)
D. pepper ov 15 yards ..thats money bro ...damn i need a book that offers props like that ......steelers will be chasin pepper al over ...he will get a few .......double up on that one .......:smiley_acbe:
Hopefully will have a better Sunday then Thursday. At least we all cashed on the Mansion bet.

Bengals +2 ($500)

The Bengals are my AFC team to make it to the Super Bowl if Palmer stays healthy. Not sure Larry Johnson is going to put up the same numbers after losing both projected starting tackels to retirement and fullback Tony Richardson.

Cowboys +2 ($500)

I like the Cowboys to play the Bengals in the Super Bowl as this defense is going to be downright nasty this year. The offense has been getting all the headlines because of TO and rightfully so. Terry Glenn had an unbelievable preseason and with him, TO, and Jason Whitten Bledsoe should have a great year because he should get better protection with Adams and Columbo now manning the tackles spots.

Eagles –5 ($500)

The Texans pass defense is going to be awful this year and they are young in so many spots that a hungry veteren Eagles team should have its way with them.

Bears –3.5 ($500)

Play against Brett Fare. Nuff said.
GL on Sunday, Horn

With ya on jsut about everything...except Big D. Good health there...but i'm expecting problems with that patchwork O-line...which will affect everything offensively. All else though, right with ya buddy.

Minnesota +4.5 ($400)

Hope this come and bite me in the ass but I am banking on Washington looking like shit in the preseason on offense under a new first year OC. With a banged up Portis this offense will not be nearly as effective. I'll take the points.

San Diego -3 ($500)

Not a big fan of Aaron Brooks and think the Raiders are in such a mess right now distracted by off the field stuff. You have the Jerry Porter saga who was named the 4th WR. Then they play Doug Gabriel opposite Moss all preseason and he looked good but they then trade him to the Pats making Alvis Whithed the starter now opposite Moss. Also what about the Jeff George fiasco? Al Davis needs to sell the team because he's obviously lost it.
**adding Player Props**

Brooks -12.5 Passing Yards vs Rivers ($500)

Tomlinson -30.5 Rushing & Recieving Yards vs Jordan ($500)

Moss -20.5 Recieving Yards vs Mcardell ($500)

Antonio Gates UNDER 78.5 Recieving Yards ($300)

Tomlinson OVER 105.5 Rushing Yards ($500)

Rivers OVER 15.5 Completions ($400)