NFL Week #8...Run through the card


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Have some time this week, so gonna run through the card. Please feel free to drop your comments.

Hou/Ten: I made Tenny 2. The shit bowl of the card. Two bad teams typically leads to alot of points...lean over.

Jax/Phila: I made Phila 4.5...see the 6...wanna believe it's due to Leftwich. Still, 6 may be too many to lay with Philly who has been killing themselves. Jax offense not so hot. Considering Jax.

Atl/Cincy: I made Cincy -4.5...Cincy's offense still in neutral, I made the total 41 so maybe some lean towards the under until Cincy can figure out offense. Win over Carolina was nice. Atl? Baaaaahh. Atl sucks. Mark dude, this team ain't worth the turf they play on....pass.

Tampa/Nyg: I made NY -7, so I'll prolly be on Tampa +9.5. Tampa playing with confidence and NY off a short week. First roadie for rookie QB with teams now having three weeks of tape.....Not there's much to see, offense vanilla as it gets.

SF/Chi: Made Chi 11.5 so I already banged SF +16.5, -110. Smh212 rule of thumb: Fade all undefeated teams after week #7. Don't over think this one.

Az/Gb: Shit game of the week part 2. Oh boy, Favre is back. He's a slingin the Packers back to the Losing Jennings hurts, having Green back helps. If you have figured out the Cards, send me a PM....Pass...

Sea/Kc: Typical oddsmakers overreaction to injury. KC -6? Are you shittin me? I made'em -3.5 with Hasselwack injury. Wounded Seahawks team entering a tough place to play against an opponent who just came off a huge divisional victory. Gonna let this line run it's course, but it's lookin like SEAHAWKS +6 here.

Balt/No: Made No -1.5. N.O. "D" has surprised this year..better than we all thought. Balt with McNair is same old same old...10 yard slants till the end of time. Two weeks to prepare for both teams...."Beware ye who enters the dome".....pass.

Stl/Sd: I made SD -5.5. That's reasonable IMO. Consider what the line would have been had STL beaten Seattle what the line have been? St.Louis is coming off a bye while SD was involved in a tough battle on Sunday. I think the line is shaded a bit given STL's horrible road record ATS and on grass ATS....Fuck that. I'll take the RAMS +9, -106.

Pitt/Oak: Yeah, if you got an angle let me know...pass.

Nyj/Cle: I made the game a PK. Public sentiment is leaning towards the Jets, meaning I'll prolly be on Cleveland in this spot. NyJ look good off there win at home over Det, but they are mediocre at best and asking them to win on the road is asking alot. Lean CLEVELAND.

Indy/Den: Smh212 law says fade all undefeated teams after week #7. Well, Indy falls in that catagory. I made Denver -2, and I think that's a "fair" line. Indy hasn't seen a defense like Denver this year, and Indy can't stop the run. Prolly be a fade play as well. I'll take DENVER -2.5, -110.

Dal/Car: I made Carolina -4.5. I see some 5's poppin up. Prolly the right number given the cowgirls naming homo as their QB....pass..

Ne/Minny: Made Minny -1.5..NE has been on a role, but I like the Vikings in the dome off a big win in Seattle. If NE is gonna drop a game on their weak schedule this is it. Non-conference affari indoors....give me MINNESOTA +118.

Good Luck!
Good looking card boss.

I LOVE Denver and Minny, and Tampa.

Leaning Dallas if I can get 6. Fox dont cover at home, and I think Romo will get it going w/ some practice.

Seahawks are gonna be up against it Sunday. Holmgren gonna have to earn his $$$ this week.

Gl luck bro and nice insight. I like the Niners and possibly TB in a 6pt teaser. I would not discount Dallas this weekend. I really like Romo in the offense as a starter without the immediate pressure of a comeback. Kind of hard to succeed when you have to pass on EVERY play. If Dallas can run a little and show balance, I think they WIN.

Good luck
Thansk fellas. The Huard injury has dropped the price in the KC/Sea game to 4.5....I think the 'under' is looking good there.